Kyberlight Combat ready saber

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Not as good as I thought

I bought this thinking it would be better than my custom saber from Amazon. I paid less on Amazon has more features that the kyber one I got.. the kyber feels real cheap..

Floyd M.
more than i was expecting

i have been wanting a lightsaber since the late 70's i finally got one that isn't made from a flashlight and have to do my own sound effects. Best purchase ever made!

Star Padawan

I find the Ahsoka bundle is almost perfect. The way the saber looks and feels are great. I took it out for a short two practice and I was very surprised on how good it felt in my hand. I assumed with the edge around the emitter that goes through the saber that it would cut up or irrigate me hands, but I had no such issue. The only reason I haven't called this bundle perfect is for the fact of the size. It is a little to large but i understand that making it shorter would be impossible. My 8 year old dresses up as Ahsoka for conventions, and I bought the saber for her, and while she loves it would look better with her size if the saber looked smaller. Besides that, I would highly recommend.

Plasmafier Accessory
Michael Robinson

It is a great addition to my collection.

Fallen Order Bundle
Nathan Chism
A jedi rising

This fallen bundle is fantastic. The emitter is one of the best on the site and of all of star wars. The sleeve feels great too, with the grooves it feels very secure in my hand while I'm practicing orbits. The only "negative" is the sleeve reduces what other emitter you might want to use with it, and the weight of the sleeve and emitter may make you want to put on a heavier pommel to balance the weight. But these weren't really an issue since the point of kyberlight is customization. I love this bundle and highly recommend it.

Absolutely stunning and amazing company

I loved my previous lightsaber I had bought at Comic-Con and it was my first ever lightsaber that was customizable, combat ready etc, I still enjoy it to this day, But the replica??? Man my plan going forward is to get all of their replicas they have as well as any they put out in the future. Everything about this saber is phenomenal and even my dad thought it was cool. I doubt I will ever use another company as even their customer service is top notch and they are quick to respond.


I'm very happy with my purchase. Looks great on my saber.

Cataclysmic Accessory
Michael Richardson
Like them both, but especially the black with the silver edges...

When I received the package, it looked like one of them was broken, but the screw had simply come loose. After a quick tightening, all of them worked well. This is one part that is quite unique and has character for the saber combinations. These are great parts and among my favorite... and both versions look great with many of the other sleeves and pommels. Thanks Kyberlight.

Hex Sleeve
Very cool

Gives your hilt a kind of intricate look, somewhere between movie era mechanical greeblies, and Old Republic art deco refinement. Recommended!

Hex Sleeve
Ryan Mckeefery

Very impressed quality is phenominal

Cataclysmic Accessory
John Bradshaw
Latest version is awesome

Matte Black version released and with it a redesign. It is now shorter and looks much better. A warning, this is metal and the ends come to a point. They look sharp and are sharp. Great design.


Default blades will get you through heavy fights, night duels look good, and they’re bright. The homies love em when we fought, just watch the fingers I guess.

Pincer Bundle
Yair Vallejo
Not too bad. Very nice.

A very cool accessory bundle. Only 3 concerns is; The sharp bit. One of the screws was pretty long, digging into the blade if screwed all the way in (the emitter claw part). Pommel part not facing the right way. I have two sabers. On one, the claw part is facing the same way as the emitter.(opposite of the preview). On the other saber, it is facing toward the side. Seems like the threading isn't paired or something.

Replacement charger

Yep! works like a charm!! Back to killing Sith....

Samurai Blade

I like this blade it’s good for cosplay

Great Item

Phenominal look and fit!! a little wider than expected but still absolutely amazing show piece for your saber.

Kyberlight Day Blades
Ginko Kitsune
Wonderful looking and sturdy!

Saber Guild member here. These day blades are amazing for day time, bright sun combat, showing brilliant color even if the saber is not on. They are also wonderfully strong and sturdy, taking a beating and surviving like champs. Absolutely love the fact the tip is threaded which makes losing it very difficult, especially with more violent combat. Will be purchasing more in the future for myself and my temple members!

Jensi Breus
It's pretty alright

I bought two, they seem pretty alright so far. I like them, good weight, seem durable

It charges!

Lost mine in a move. KL shipped the replacement quick, and my Sabre is now back up and charged. Its beautiful!


For the price I paid I expected them to work fully. But sounds are barely working and it has its own mind on the lights. I don't understand why it has a button if its gonna do what it wants

Technically, this is Kyberlight's most pointless product.

The standard tip is much too pointed if you plan on sparring to any serious degree. I don't know why they don't ship these tips standard as they don't look any worse than the pointed tips.
They do shake loose after a few rounds of sparring, but that is a mild inconvenience at most. A drop of glue should fix it in place, or just check your blade every few matches.

Awesome piece

Absolutely love this connector

Not exactly what was expected

The blade is certainly shaped like a samurai sword. But the curve in the blade prevents the light from traveling all the way to the end. So the tip is barely lit, if at all. Didn't think of that when ordering but it makes sense. Plus it feels flimsy when swinging it around. It's long and it starts to bend with enough swing force, so go slower. I certainly wouldn't use it to spar like I would the default round blade. Cool for photos/cosplay though. I do like the details of the electricity worked into the blade. So it looks pretty cool but not as cool as I expected. Better when it's really dark. And you do get a cool rainbow effect coming out the end of the samurai blade when you use the white blade color.

Night Fury
Eduardo Costas
Very realistic feel and blade vibrancy

I got my saber sometime after the new year after ordering online around the Dec 26th holiday period so delivery was pretty fast. The feel of the hilt is very satisfying. The airplane grade aluminum gives it a nice weight and feel and gives the saber a realistic look, worthy of a movie prop. The neo pixel saber is definitely convincing and the brightness level is spectacular. I took it out to my friends house one evening and lit it in his dark backyard and I could see features and holes in the ground as clear as day! The special effects like the blaster noises are very satisfying as well as the authentic snap-hiss of the blade igniting and the whooshing noises when you swing the blade. It comes with other features like 3 music themes (Imperial death March, Jedi theme, star wars theme). There are more features like different ignite effects and pulsing blade effects, but makes for a fun prop or toy and the blade is durable enough to whack other similar sabers in mock combat.

Plasmafier Accessory
Dillon Norris
One problem

Overall the part is great in both appearance and design but the part doesn't connect to the flat retaining screw that is ment to keep it attached to the lightsaber. I'm not sure if this is an issue that only I'm having but it's one that I feel should be mentioned.