Kyberlight Combat ready saber

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Night Fury
Eduardo Costas
Very realistic feel and blade vibrancy

I got my saber sometime after the new year after ordering online around the Dec 26th holiday period so delivery was pretty fast. The feel of the hilt is very satisfying. The airplane grade aluminum gives it a nice weight and feel and gives the saber a realistic look, worthy of a movie prop. The neo pixel saber is definitely convincing and the brightness level is spectacular. I took it out to my friends house one evening and lit it in his dark backyard and I could see features and holes in the ground as clear as day! The special effects like the blaster noises are very satisfying as well as the authentic snap-hiss of the blade igniting and the whooshing noises when you swing the blade. It comes with other features like 3 music themes (Imperial death March, Jedi theme, star wars theme). There are more features like different ignite effects and pulsing blade effects, but makes for a fun prop or toy and the blade is durable enough to whack other similar sabers in mock combat.

Plasmafier Accessory
Dillon Norris
One problem

Overall the part is great in both appearance and design but the part doesn't connect to the flat retaining screw that is ment to keep it attached to the lightsaber. I'm not sure if this is an issue that only I'm having but it's one that I feel should be mentioned.

Nice look!

This Fulcrum sleeve accessory adds a really great alternative to the flat black sleeve that was packaged with the Knight bundle that I received for Christmas. The flat black looks good but this carbon fiber textured sleeve adds great character to the Kyberlight saber. Well done!

Scaled goodness!

The design is gorgeous, the handle is amazingly smooth, and the aesthetic suits the look I wanted for my saber. Its perfect!

Alexander Murphy
Worst saber in my collection

The saber has great electronics but the buttons are extremely loose and the emitter was loose; when asked for a solution there wasn’t much they could do. Cannot duel with it because if I do the button screws fallout or the enmity we becomes loose

Lightweight, Great Value for Price, Controls are Horrible

Got into color change mode, but couldn't get out of it until we somehow toggled flash-on-clash off and now can't toggle it back on. Somehow toggled color-on-motion and can't toggle it back.

UPDATE: ...but Kyberlight Customer Service is awesome! Turns out I had toggled on Ghost Mode and CS had it back to normal within 48 hours. Added a star to my review just for Kyberlight CS's prompt response.

First in Line
April K Rabino
Love this

I was so happy to get an Ahsoka Tano sleeve. The only issue I had was that it was a little too long. If it wasn2 inches shorter it would be awesome.

Duncan W.
High Quality At A Good Price

TL;DR This saber, Ren, is worth every penny and is just really fun.

I've been looking into different sabers for a long while now, and wanted one that was duel-worthy. I can say for certain that the Ren is good. I've been messin' around flourishing with it and whatnot, and it is super comfortable. The customization options are wonderful, and I overall just really love this. The price is *much* lower than expected for its quality, so that was a great surprise.

Basically, super fun and customizable at a decent price. Worth every penny I paid for it.

Replica: OBW Neopixel Saber
Emily O’Sullivan
So sick

You can tell it’s a good quality straight away.
Took us a while to figure out the settings but it’s so fun to play around with
Decent weight to it, heavier than you’d think.
Bought as a gift and they love it!
Thank you.

Paul Leblond
Difficult to use

Having a hard time to find links with instructions for proper use. Been very frustrating how to change settings.

Michael Quayle

Amazing quality definitely worth it I couldn’t put it down for an entire day

Granted the rank of Master

Decided to take the plunge and get a quality saber for my son now that he’s still into it as a teenager (he’s had all the toy ones for years). Anyone who has shopped this product type knows there are no less than a half dozen companies with offers all over social media. I took a little time and researched several companies and Kyberlight’s ability to customize your saber however you want, along with the lifetime blade warranty makes this hard to beat. Others make you choose between colors or sound fonts or hilt design… Kyberlight let’s you have it all. With the holiday offer we spent a little more and got two sabers with 9 interchangeable parts - the combinations are endless! This was the killer gift this Christmas, we’ll be back for more soon.

Great Christmas Gift

We got this as a Christmas Gift for a huge Star Wars collector in our office... he was kind enough to keep it at his desk and everyone loves playing with it. We aren't experts in the field of customizable lightsabers, but this is definitely a huge leap above anything we have seen before.

The Fallen Combo
Couldn’t be happier

It’s perfect for dueling I’ve never been disappointed

Love this

I love how much this looks like Ahsoka Tano's Saber.
The only issue I do have that it is a little bit too long. It could be at least 2 inches shorter on the top and an inch shorter on the bottom. Then it will be perfect.
If you ever do make a shorter one let me know. Peace and May the Force be with You.

The Best

This is the most excellent pommel accessory for a dark sider like me. The only critique I could maybe have is that the edges are a tad sharp and can scratch your arm during some twists and spins

Amazing! Very well made. All the free features just add some serious flavor. Highly customisable and every saber is unique to the user.

OK Starter Saber

This was my first lightsaber purchase so take these remarks as those of a noob. On the whole the unit seems very sturdy and feels nicely heavy. On the con side, the blade overbalances the hilt; the machined ridges on the hilt are sharp, but not cutting sharp; the ignition button (control button) sits above the surface of the hilt when it I think it should be flush with the surface. The “one button” control switch is hard to master. I have yet to get it to adjust the volume. The sound on strike does not appear to work or is not very sensitive. I put a roll of quarters inside the base of the hilt to give it added weight and with that adjustment, it has better balance. Overall good but not great for the price.

Great Saber

I love Kyberlight and was in on the Kickstarter. My old Kyberlight quit working, and the cost of repair was up to just $20 shy of getting a new saber, so I just got a new one instead.
I had wanted to send it in for repairs and have them upgrade the board ( I had a V1 and no electronic repair skills), but customer service wasnt that helpful/ basically indicated that they could repair the saber ( from anywhere from $49 - $199 IIRC) , but I would have to replace the V1 board myself.
Its a good saber, and I waited on a sale to replace my old one. I love being able to customize it, even though I'm stripping parts off my old saber to do so.

Great piece.

Love the feel of this sleve, it looks so natural on a saber like it was ment to be there.

Andrew Cumbow
Absolutely Gorgeous!

I appreciate the unique design of the Ghost. It is so sleek and elegant. It also can display itself because of its balanced, flat bottom. The mini screws are very easy to work with when I want to use the blade. I find some of the sensors to not be quite as sensitive as I want when it comes to impact, however. So far, the blade can handle a decent amount of force. Also, the instructions that came with it were incorrect, as it isn't a standard Kyberlight saber. The appropriate instructions are actually on the page for selling the saber.

This was my first true dueling saber and I am so happy I got it!

Christeen Angela
No package

I can't give review as I'm still waiting on package. I will say I have been trying to contact shipping company as my address is missing some information

Great saber!

This saber is designed really well, I like the feel of it and the sound and light effects are great!

Best there is!!!

Hands down best lightsaber blades on the market!!!


This is a really cool addition!! It looks fantastic and lends itself to any customization build you wanna go with. Highly recommended!!