Kyberlight Combat ready saber

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Aztec Saber

I love this saber, I only wish it came with instructions on how to put the wrap on the handle. But no complaints otherwise

((Inner Child Reborn!))

As a SW fan since 70's(alongside 2 cousins)who had a few of original toys, 80's gamer,(and next to sadly cancelled VR game)I never imagined I'd find ANYTHING to fully connect me to overall franchise experience like kyber light has! The LOOK of it leads you to FEEL it once it's turned on. Between sight/sound combination you BECOME any one of film characters like you're on the set!(which being an actor is an extra bonus) I thank K-L for making this possible! "may the kyber light be with us all!"

Great saber the controls are hard to get control of but when you get it its the easiest thing ever… my first saber ever and will definitely want another saber from kyberlights

Awesome product. I owned a lot of master replicas in the past and this is definitely a much more improved product. This is proven lightsabers have come a long way.

Product arrived in perfect condition! All electronics work great, and the lights are all operational. A+!

More features than the description mentioned. It's truly a marvel!

I'm unsure if I got all the parts I ordered. I ordered silver and black sabers to avoid duplicate pieces, but I got dupes anyways (I know there's the standard silver and black pieces, but I swear there was supposed to be more variety). The silver saber electronics out the box were not working completely(not charging at all or powering on), and then only half the fonts will work with the RGB LED on the OTHER saber core. Then some pieces didn't come wrapped at all (one of the pommel and my black Saber), and the rest were like double wrapped... then getting the different emitter pieces to sit required retention screws that were different from the original because the thumb screws didn't fit with anything other than the basic emitter piece. And I didn't find any other special screws. Honestly, it's been more frustration than fun. Blades are nice though!

Great product!

Tough blade without a doubt. Haven't had a chance to duel with it yet, but my expectations are high.

Pretty solid sabers

The lights and sound fonts are very good, and the machined metal feels nice in the hand. All of this comes standard in the box.

That said, I do wish the handle was heavier so the lightsaber was better balanced and easier to whip around at high speed. The blade is secured by three screws but I still feel it wobble just the tiniest bit so I had to correct that. Some sound fonts are really nice, like the darksaber sound font, but others need better variation in their volume and sound texturing, like the one for Yoda and Sith Red. The Saber will call out titles for sound fonts, but I don’t like how they’re basically movie dialogue. A few are acceptable because they’re just one word, but others are several sentences and some are just unclear. I am uncertain how well these sabers will handle combat. I don’t feel the blades are seated deep enough in the handle and I keep on visualizing the worst case where the prongs around the saber just snap. I am so able to swing them pretty fast though. You can see how fast on my Instagram at Cardboard Combat.

Overall, pretty solid as a product. The BOGO is an excellent price for what you get and the level of quality. I am happy with this purchase.

Awesome saber once you figure everything all the little things out then the fun begins.

Bolt Saber
Strikingly Good

Having bought a saber at around the same price from a different store, and not having too great results, I didn't expect much from this product. But when it came, it was stikingly good! Everything was well packaged, and the instructions were explicit. Lives up to their durable title, even their neopixel (the one I ordered) held up pretty well against my other saber. I did a review on it, which you can check out here: The one thing I can complain about however, is that the charging port is behind the lower grip with the circuit board, not exposed. But I really like the way that it stops chargin when it's fully charged, and doesn't continue to charge and make the circuit board hot or destroy the battery life. Overall, really satisfied. Keep up the good work KyberLights! May the 4th be with you all.

Incredibly fun

I bought the V-10 upgrade kit to build my own saber from, since I couldn't find what I wanted in pre-assembled sabers section. If you do this you'll also need to by the screw pack, thumb screw, and covertech wheel from the parts section. The V-10 kit comes with everything else.

The V-10 is packed full of features, not all of which I have tried yet, but those that I have are fun. There's a bunch of sound fonts, blade colors, ignition effects, and blade effects that are easily selectable from the saber itself. If you want to install custom effects, the saber comes with a micro SD card and a micro SD to USB adapter so that custom fonts can be added.

Overall I'm happy with my saber and have just ordered more accessories; a pixel to RGB adapter along with an RGB blade. The V-10 neopixel hilt comes with a built-in RGB mode which I like because my nephew gets a little carried away when he wants to dual me.

FYI, the hilt uses 4mm thread pattern screws, in case you lose any like I did.

Well got my order fast right before may 4. The package was different from my other order I got from kyber light few days before. Can't wait to get them fully charged and fully assembled them

Had no idea it was just a blade for a product, have no idea what I need to make this a sword. Their website is also awful

Edward, Sorry this was not clear. To make this a a full saber you will need any of our RGB electronic sabers. We suggest our Kyberlight Customizable Saber Knight Pack.

Great First Saber

So far, I’m impressed with this saber so far straight out of the box, I received it today. The instructions are well done. The box was well-made and I traveled very far to get here. The pictures don’t do the light saber any justice. Couple of complaints that I have is the leather wrap is not what is in the picture. It’s a darker color compared to the lighter color than that on the websites picture. The other thing is if you’re spending this much amount of money on a replica, you figured it would come with the plug, but it does not. Again, all in all just a few complaints I’m still trying to learn it so far. I’m very impressed with the quality built and I hope this review helps. If you’re going to purchase the star killer light saber as your first one.

Elite sabers review A+

Thank you. Thumbs up This seller gives excellent customer support and notifications. I'm quite impressed by the Quality of these metal sabers. The item arrived quickly and i have been dueling with them and flipping them in the air often. The only imperfection i could find is where (the metal is cut here so this is expected) the charge porthole is a sharp circle that needed some sanding/filing down, other than that one tiny thing everything looks perfect, everything works. It came in a really cool box, Great sabers, Good deal! and thank you for the extra blade screws. I Would purchase these sabers again in the near future.

I beat on this for 8 months with no issues so far. Using quite a bit of force on a punching bag is the primary abuse it takes, but it's been dropped, accidently collided with walls and floors, and while there's some scratches and abrasion, it remains intact and unbent.

Great value

Probably the best value Ive found in neopixle lightsabers, given the customizability.
We definitely enjoy the ease of switching effects and the sleeve system.

The only complaint is if we tighten the base hilt all the way and put the sleeve on, it partially covers the buttons. When loose enough to show the buttons fully, theres a bit of play.
I might be able to 3d print a spacer to fix this.

Other than that, we are very happy with our purchase.

Neophyte - BOGO

Absolutely phenomenal!! Really loved the dual light saber attachment. Super bright and really easy to assemble. Love the different sounds.

Bought these for dueling with my son. Very durable and worth every penny.

Exactly what I was looking for. Great price, fast shipping.

My kids have hit everything they could and have not had any problems

Now I am the Master

AWESOME lightsaber!!!!! theres really no words for it. Although I shold´ve gotten the Kyber Pixel, for the 240LEDS on the blade but other than that its amazing!!

Came in pieces, completely broken and no handle just the blade? Nope. I want my money back.