Kyberlight Combat ready saber

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Galactic Storm Hilt
Joshua Vallejo
Surprisingly awesome

I was a little hesitant when I first read I would be moving the electric chassis, but it was very easy. The smaller body feels so comfortable. You loose the options of mix matching other Kyberlight parts but the design is almost too beautiful to change anyway. If you like the look this hilt is totally worth it.

Be a Jedi

Very nice construction with many configuration possibility. It has a very easy to use rgb sound core.The saber looks more expensive than it is.


It was good, it worked.

Huge Blade!

Surprised by the size and girth of this blade. Light shines through nicely

Relic Hunter
Dave Menard

$250 bucks I'll never see again. I expected more quality. It took me 3 days to get the charger to work. The directions are poor at best. I have not figured out how to change the color yet. I'm disappointed.

Enforcer - BOGO
Kurt Williams
First timer

They are just as I expected, fantastic craftsmanship great fit and feel. A little hard learn how to operate, but doable.

Ecstatic with my Sabers!

I ordered the Grand Master Saber Bundle and could not be happier with my choice. I have been researching for 3 months and have watched videos, read reviews, and followed several online experts and came to the conclusion that Kyberlight was my best option. I am so glad I went with them as the quality of the sabers, choices for customization,and support from their staff has been above and beyond.

I cannot recommend them enough and will be buying more products from them in the future. As a huge Star Wars fan I have been wanting a saber of my own for over 16 years and the wait was worth it to have this bundle, plus the few extra pieces I added to make a truely custom creation. The sheer quantity of customization options, color change saber feature, plus sound and effect styles made this a true dream come to completion. Now I can enjoy these sabers for years to come and also add new parts as I desire.

Keep up the great work Kyberlight team. The few items I emailed about to discuss, the quick and easy replies, and care to your customers, really make you stand out. Cheers to you for a great product with out of this world service!

Can’t screw on

Got the newest version of the saber but the screw can’t fit to attach to the saber. Is there something I’m doing wrong?

Finishing touch to my outfit

I bought two of these for my medieval Ahsoka garb that I wore for the local Renaissance faire. These were a huge hit. One of them snapped near the end of the day and close to the hilt however. While I did not see the fault for certain, I do suspect it got hit rather hard whilst walking around which lead to a crack and eventual failure. That kind of thing happens and is expected so I'll gladly buy another.
Just as with the tubes, the light will not be nearly so vibrant in the daylight. It's too bad these do not come in daylight colors.
I would personally prefer without the lightning effect as everyone just assumes it's the dark saber. Maybe a blood groove instead. Still, these blades are quite awesome. Do recommend.

Hex Sleeve
Looks cool, not super functional for dueling

I was super stoked to see they had a hexagon pattern hilt cover and picked it up immediately with my first lightsaber order. It does look super amazing and sleek, and it seems very durable. However, the machining on the edges of the hexagons are very sharp and I already had an issue cutting my hand on it while practicing. It is great for shelf display, but I'm sad I can't keep it on for dueling.


I have had an absolutely awesome experience so far with my neopixel saber! If you’re on the fence about getting neopixel, DO IT!

Curt Scott

Blade colors are nice. Saber ignition and power kill works good and sounds good but the standby hum is way too loud even on low. The directions aren't the most precise. Can be a little difficult to get the changes that you want.
And it seems that the battery doesn't last very long. All n all it's OK. But definitely didn't wow me.

Tasty new look

Slip it on and it's like a different saber, love the look

Cool, but not like the V5

This made for an effective conversion to an RGB saber, but it is quite evident that it is not as bright as the V5 RGB saber, which is a 10W LED. There are no specs on the site, but I would guess this is only a 5V LED, rather than 10W.

Different sizes tips for different sized blades

I got two identical tips but didn’t realize that I have two different sized blades and the tip threads are two small for my blade.

Got this for my wife.

I personally don't use energy drinks. Gives me stomach problems, but my wife does and I got it for her. She loves the taste but something about the variation of caffeine used makes her sleepy rather than alert. However when she wakes up afterwards she is up and raring to go. Technically it works but she drinks it more BEFORE she goes to bed rather than before she gets active for the day. Don't think this is what you were hoping for with this but at least this is an honest and somewhat positive review.

Great accessory

I bought this with my first kyberlight saber recently and I absolutely love it! Like a few other reviews it can scratch your arm if your not careful.

It’s good

The sounds on it are about the loudest I have seen so far. The only down side is the controls take a bit to get because it is so different from most other sabers out there

These sabers are built to last!

I now have just received my second Kyberlight V10. They accidentally sent me an RGB blade for my saber , I contacted customer service and they sent the correct blade out immediately, great customer service ! I love these sabers they have soooooo many customization options you just can’t go wrong , easy to use, heavy duty both blade and chassis . 10 out of 10 would highly recommend!

Fallen Order Bundle
kyle juntunen
As close as you can get…

Looks great, fits perfect. This is as close as you can get without paying twice as much, and with the color change blade you can go with your favorite in game blade color.

The Vizsla Bundle
Joshua Eartly
Looks great feels a little bit "shaky" -Accessory Bundle

While doing some basic training I can tell that the handguard seems a little bit loose, and you can hear it move sometimes.

My boys love them. They said they are sick which means incredibly awesome.

My boy used his savings to buy the double light saber, and my other son was so excited after his brothers came in that he purchased one and is super excited to get his. I have never liked cheap toys that take away from creativity. These are very well put together. They look amazing at night. I do wish that they were brighter during the day however, they are very quality.

4½ Stars Almost 5!

Although a great upgrade,
The various options have a bit of steep learning curve in my opinion. I expect the more I use it, the better I'll get at it!
Still recommend this upgrade and Kyberlight.
Appreciate the responses to questions I have had!

Great knob, a little short for what I need

Knob itself is great, I just wish it were about 5mm longer for what I need it for (doing a custom job)

V10 IS A 10... well, 9.5

Amazing! This is my first trip down neopixel lane and, once again, just like the V4 to V5 upgrade, I am all in. I've bought 2 of each V10 finishes. The ONLY negative, if I can even call it a negative, is that all of the classic sleeves have circular cutouts for buttons and charging, but the V10 USB-C port is square. That is why I say 9.5 out of 10, or 4⅞ stars of 5