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Kyberlight Lightsaber Reviews

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A rando Mando

I think this is a great starter kit for anyone, but beware that the edges on the Vizsla sleeve and emitter have some pretty sharp edges. I got cut (deeply) a few times. Think about getting a cool pair of gloves if you grab this bundle.

V5 Circuit Board
Jeff Bennett
Enjoy the V5!

I like the improvements to the V5. It added a lot of features that only add to the performance. I'd recommend updating the photo on the website. For the V5 board was the only thing sent, not the plastic chassis and battery holder.


Fallen Order Bundle
Alexis Hernandez
Absolutely worth it

Well made, looks great, feels great and doesn't add any extra additional weight.

The sleeve has enough texture to have a good grip on the hilt

Dark Side Bundle
Jonah Katsanis
Looks aren't everything...

This is a very cool looking accessory bundle, very reminiscent of Darth Malgus. Though the edges are very pointy and some of the edges had defects and it's very easy to stab yourself with the points if you're not careful.

The Vizsla Bundle
Anthony V.
Amazing Accessory

This has to be one of the best accessories for my lightsaber. I hope the continue to do these for other sabers.

The Order 66 Combo
Jorge Medina
Great product- poor choice of packaging

The order 66 combo is great, but this is my second large order, my first oder came in on a very nice large box that fit the lightsaber and all the attachments. This order came in with only one small box for the hilt, all the attachments cane separate just put on the shipping box making difficult to storage unused attachments. Just my thoughts. Love the product

Fallen Order Bundle
Tony Bailey
Fallen Order Bundle

This is a great accessory, able to switch the look my saber whenever I want to!

In the Spirit of the Game

This saber accessory bundle, as pointed out by several others, is modeled off the one Cal Kestis uses in Jedi: Fallen Order.
In Fallen Order, Cal can collect various parts to customize his saber. Kyberlight has hit it out of the park introducing this bundle to their lineup. Being able to customize my saber using these, and the others in my collection, is in the very spirit of the game, and I couldn't be more happy with my purchase.
That being said, the sleeve my bundle came with was a little tight, making it difficult to install, and the stock pommel it comes bundled with could have had a little more thought put into it. But the Quasar Pommel makes a good substitute if you're looking for something more accurate to what you might get at Disney Parks or some other saber manufacturers.

Guardian of Truth and Hands

This is s wonderful piece! I have had my eye on it for some time and after finally purchasing it, I have no complaints! My fingers now have extra protection in duels!

Brylark Accessory
Wookie with a Camera
Nice Print

The print is nice, but it is very glossy, which makes it stick to your hand. Thats not a bad thing for dueling, but sucks for spinning. My big complaint was mine came with paint scratched off. I blame the fact it came loose in the box. As I did not receive a Kyberlight Box. It was a plan. box, with everything rolling around inside. Hilt also came pre-assembled, with the default accessories. So all my extras accessories, were the loose ones in box. Not a great first experience with lightsabers. This was my first lightsaber ever.

Hole Too Narrow

I have purchased 2 Saber sets in the past that included this Emitter and BOTH have had defective Plasmafier Emitters. The emitter will not slide onto the saber, as the diameter of the inner hole is too small. I can't even force it on without damaging the saber. I've brought this issue up with customer service. They sent me a new one, but it had the same exact problem. Perhaps the issue has been rectified since my original purchases, but I cannot say.

Dark saber blade

The blade is very cool looking but very fragile. Do not do much with it on the flatside. Light weight but the blade could use a gew small holes in the blavk I think or scratches like the crackle blades.

The Vizsla Bundle
Kevin Stanton
Great product

It can blind u a little bit from the blade I love it !!

Almost perfect

The cut open edges are a bit rough/sharp so definitely watch hand placement but other than that another amazing option for my saber!! Thanks Kyberlight!!

Hyper Burst YEAH!

Yet another finely crafted piece by Kyberlight. This will be a beautiful addition to one of the sabers I'm building. And as always, Kyberlight is fast to ship. Thank you! James

Purple Rain Accessory
Catherine Curtis
Elegant Addition

It's nice to be able to change up the look from time to time and this is an excellent color and great hilt cover. The diamond pattern is not only attractive but makes for a nice grip, particularly when doing fancier blade work.


I've purchased a few pieces now from Kyberlight and they always exceed my expectations. I got this one to couple together two hilts into a staff. The quality and craftsmanship is phenomenal - far better than the photo. I highly recommend this company for any/all of your lightsaber needs.

What an amazing blade.

My daughter bought one, so then we all followed suit and ordered the new V5’s with the crackle blades. Kyberlight has been taking care of us for many years now.

Kyberlight Screw Kit
Aiden Denson

Exactly what I needed.

V5 Circuit Board
Works Great and Easy to install

Had an older control board that drained the battery while idle so it would not stay charged more than a day. The upgrade has been on my list for a long time and the new V5 board made it well worth making the change. Others list the features, which are much more extensive than my earlier version. Installation was a breeze, essentially plug and play. Delivery was fast and without issue. So glad to have a much more functional saber and one that stays charged! Very pleased and will probably buy another board just for future projects.

Vizsla Combo
Vizsla Combo

Easy to put together and good to look at 1) issue however, the blade was scratched on the hilt upon receipt (not visible unlit but very visible when illuminated) whilst only a show blade it did detract somewhat overall Could repaint the entire blade (plasricote?) or as I did etch a starburst pattern along both side to incorporate scratch. Looks OK now but not totally synchronous / symmetrical both sides ( I'm no artist) also hand guard rattles due to loose fit. Overall quite happy good illumination, good weight, might have been nice to have a channel on the blade for the locking screw as is v easy to have thr blade skewed or offset

V5 Circuit Board
Ken Perry
Kyberlight V5: A Vast Improvement In Every Way!

I have performed at summer festivals with various electronic LED sabers over many years. The caliber of sabers I use are very important. Having said that, choosing the wrong sabers can seriously cost you a lot of hard earned money as well as heartbreak. Years ago after wasting a couple of Hasbro lightsabers my online research led me to Kyberlight. I purchased 2 V4s as they were RGB with sound (you could mute it), affordable, well balanced, with the best customer service you could ask for. They have been my practice sabers for years. Which brings me to Kyberlight's most recent upgrade to their version 5 soundcard. How much better is it than the V4s you ask? It's a vast improvement in every way with a new broad array of well thought out features that adds new zip (and fun!) to my old practice sabers. V5 now rocks 3 well considered SMOOTHSWING sound fonts made by people that make fonts for a living. The card features a very harmonic sounding lightside font, a unstable Kylo Wren style darkside font, and a dark saber font from The Mandalorian. If that wasn't enough, they are now twice as bright, you can adjust the volume, get an accurate read of the battery (which now lasts much longer due to the more efficient soundcard design), lock the buttons, and my personal new favorite, motion activated color change which the good folks at Kyberlight engineered in a clever way allowing the user to spin the saber without selecting a color giving the sabers a cool multi-spectral mode which looks awesome if you dual wield. Since launch of the V5 I have purchased a full V5 F.O. saber, and upgraded one of my gold dipped V4s to a V5, and as someone that also uses very high end sabers from other sabersmiths in my performances, I can't stress enough that my V5's were worth every penny. You can now practice those crazy tricks, and look good doing it with piece of mind knowing that if anything actually went wrong. Kyberlight's got your back.

The Unstable Master
Matt Taylor
Customer Service

The saber was cool for two days then the sound stopped working. Tried contacting customer service for two week now and still have not gotten a response.

Cool Blade

This is a cool blade a bit shorter than other heavy blades I have bur looks real cool lit up with my blue light!

V5 Circuit Board
David Garcia
V5 upgrade

Ok folks I can't find the words to describe how awesome the people at kyberlight are. First off my kid was playing with my saber and put it to recharge with the wrong charger and totally fried it, I mean it was smoking light snoop dog. So I decide to replace the board and battery myself unfortunately it didn't turn on. I emailed the team at kyberlight and they offered to repair it for free, which is pretty awesome so I sent it in and they fixed it turn around was only a few days and let me tell you this new chip is awesome! But better than that the kind folk sent me a new charger and new screw kit so thankful thought my expensive saber was a goner. They my heros so go buy a saber from them they take care of their customers!