Kyberlight Combat ready saber

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Where is it?

Still awaiting delivery, status says label made. ... ... Awaiting instruction....

Definitely an item for your Sith arsenal.

Killer Time

Great packaging, brother and I have to of Adult fun. Lights look incredible at night time.

Always the best the only ones I actually trust to hold up

Gift for my daughter

The only thing my then 14 year old, now 15 year old daughter asked for for her birthday. She absolutely loves it. Took a good minute to get used to the controls. Now I might have to get one for daddy daughter time. Plus, she can’t wait to start changing some parts to change the look. Very happy with the purchase.


The quillions can actually be used to bind up another blade. I don’t know if that was intentional, but it works!

Simply Sith

I already have a number of accessories for my saber but most have a light side or neutral appearance. Only a few are distinctly Sith. The Sentinel Emitter is definitely a Sith piece. The machining is a bit tight around the blade but a little bit of force, it goes right on.

Beautiful saber, but it doesn't work and NO response from customer service

This saber is a beautiful piece of art but it doesn't work. It's been over a week since I tried to reach out through your contact page about this issue and zero response from KyberLight. I had gone through the FAQ/troubleshooting and nothing in there has gotten it to work. I hate to return it, but it looks like I don't have a choice. I have a few KyberLight sabers and have been happy with the rest. I decided to go for the NeoPixel electronics (only offered in NeoPixel) this time and I am regretting that. Extra expense for something that doesn't work.

For certain Sleeves, the screws are hard to tighten and loosen because the sleeve blocks the holes.

Received wrong battery

I didn't receive what I ordered.

Doesn’t fit! But great shipping!
Thank you!


I love everything about the saber except that I can’t turn off motion controls. Including that…9/10.

Perfect as gift

Bought the dual pair so we can duel 🤺this is made so well and sturdy. Kids 8 and adults clashed with the sabers all day and night. Lights and sound are impressive. I’m
Buying one for the entire clan. Waiting on next sale. It’s going to be a saber duel each family get together from now on. We’re all Star Wars fans and this was the perfect gift for kids and adults. Thank you Kyber Light

The Baylan rocks!

Just got my Baylan and the design and craftsmanship is amazing. A saber fitting of the late Ray Stevenson himself. I love it and so glad to add to my collection.

Love these savers

These have been fun to play around with and customize. The kyberpixel blades are impressive. We’ve had a blast in combat as well. I’m looking forward to getting some other replica versions in the future and some of the less expensive rgb versions for my students.

For a wannabe...

I am really impressed with the light Saber. I was surprised by the weight,
but have quickly adjusted to it. Great sound, excellent effects and colors. Once i got the controls down, i have no problems annoying my wife. I am no duelist, however, I think this would be a great product for dueling. I bought the Fallen set up and really like it, I can't wait to buy different parts to mix and match my Saber. Wasn't into cosplay before, but might now. Haha! Great product so far.


I got this lightsaber as a gift and it was amazing, sounded incredible, super bright, and nice felling in the hand

KYBERLIGHT® V10 - Upgrade Pack
poppy Cavalli Patchen
v10 Lightsaber

I am really happy of my new lightsaber. The only problem i have the sound and the light you can not save it. Every time i charge my saber it goes back to the beggining.
For the price i payed is worth it! It is really cool to have the sd card, i can delete or add new sound.


Love this saber! The balance point is unmatched! Super light and perfect for those who are familiar with form 2 & 4 dueling styles.

Really durable! I love the sound fonts. Plenty of variety and I use it in heavy battle with my kids.

Red Dwarf
Ryan Johnson
Cool but can't use it

This emitter is really cool, but the metal is too thick, so your screw for attaching emitters is too short. It has to come with a longer screw to actually attach it and I can't find that anywhere on this website, nor does the product specify that you have to buy extra hardware to use it.

Ordered a battery, received a charger instead. Put in a customer service ticket and got another charger instead of a battery.


Best saber I’ve ever owned! Light but fictional and can handle combat perfectly!

Would have been a 5, but...

After stupid shipping issues...
I gave this to my 22 y/o son for Christmas as a reminder of how many times he "killed me" with his Lego saber when we played Xbox for years when he was little. He got a real kick out of it, and didn't take long for him to figure out everything it does. Got the neopixel mini brick, and it was worth seeing the smile on the face of my "kid" who generally just buys whatever he wants now. He didn't have one of these!


I love the saber, itsvis heavier than I thought it was going to be, so there will be a bit of a learning curve. Othe rthan that it is amazing