What is the best way to contact a member of the Kyberlight team?

To get ahold of us, please use our ​Contact Us page found on Kyberlight.com One of our team members will email you within 48 hours.

When will I get my order?

We typically ship out sabers 1-3 business days from the time the order is placed. You will get a confirmation email when your order ships along with a tracking number. If you don’t see it in your inbox, check your spam folder.

If part of your order is out of stock or a pre-ordered item, the entire order will not ship until all items are made available. (Until out of stock or pre-ordered items are available to ship.) If you would like the available products to ship separately, please reach out through our Contact Us page to see if other arrangements can be made.

I sent my saber in for a repair. When will I get it back?

We repair sabers on Tuesdays and Thursdays of every week and ship out repairs on Wednesdays and Fridays. Normally it will take no more than 5-6 business days to get to you once the saber is repaired.

I broke my blade. How do I get a new one with the Kyberlight Lifetime Blade Warranty?

You broke your blade—congratulations! You must have been really sparring. Please reach out to us using the ​Contact Us page on Kyberlight.com and include a picture of your broken blade. We will send you a new one ASAP. You will be responsible to pay a $10 shipping charge for the new blade. Please send the $10 through paypal to info@kyberlight.com

My Kyberlight broke. How do I get it fixed?

We are happy to resolve any issue with a malfunctioning Kyberlight saber. Often, the issue is an easy fix and can be resolved by referencing the following video:


Make sure that the internals of your saber and connection points are all attached. It may be as easy as re-attaching a lead.

If the video does not help, please use our Contact Us page found on Kyberlight.com describing the problem. Depending on what the issue is, we may send you a replacement part or we may have you send your saber to our headquarters for repair. Sabers past the 1-year warranty are not eligible for free repair. The cost for a repair outside of warranty is $30.

I just got my order, and it is missing a few pieces.

Occasionally, items go out of stock and go on backorder. Backorders will be fulfilled as soon as items are back in stock. If you have further concerns or questions, please reach out to us on our ​Contact Us page found on Kyberlight.com

How do I install the V5 Circuit Board I purchased to upgrade my V1-4 Board?

Follow the tutorial video to learn how to install your V5 Circuit Board in your existing V1-4 Kyberlight Saber. You can find the tutorial video here!

If you have questions or need additional help installing your board, please reach out to us through our ​Contact Us page found on Kyberlight.com and we'll be happy to assist you.

What if I bought a lightsaber from you on Amazon?

We are not on Amazon. The company on Amazon is Kybers, and we are not affiliated with them in any way. You will need to reach out to them through Amazon directly.

Can I add my order to my Customer Account?

If you placed your order without signing in to your Customer Account, we are unable to retroactively add orders made as a Guest to a Customer Account. Only orders made while signed in to existing accounts will appear in customer accounts.

We are also unable to consolidate orders between two accounts into one account. The best way to have access to all of your orders and find your order status is by only using one Customer Account and by making sure you are signed in to your Customer Account before submitting your order.

I live in Germany/Austria and ordered a Kyberlight, but it didn’t come with a charger.

Our charger is not EU compliant at the moment, so we do not include them in our packs sent to Europe so they can clear customs. Please reach out to us via our contact us page in order to solicit an order to Germany. You will need to purchase a charger separately and we will refund you the difference for the charger.

I live outside the USA, do I need to pay duties and taxes when I receive my item?

Yes, customers are responsible for any duties and taxes needed for receiving our product.

Does Kyberlight provide different chargers for different countries?

No, we send a single type of charger that is compatible with 110 V USA standard. Customers are responsible to procure their own adapters for their own country power requirements.

My V5 Kyberlight won't turn off!

It is very likely that your saber is in button lock mode. This can happen as the color change mode and the button lock mode are accessed with the same 3 taps just with different buttons. If your saber is on and won't turn off, simply quick press the AUX (second button) on the saber hilt 3 times. You will hear a beep sound indicating you are now out of button lock mode and you should be able to turn the saber off. Please reach out to us on our contact us page if you need further assistance.

My V5 won't charge to 100%

Kyberlight uses a rechargable Lithium Ion Battery to power the V5 saber. As with all Lithium Ion batteries, charging to 100% and draining to 0% actually hurts the longevity of the battery pack. In order to lengthen the life of your battery, the charging circuit we use is set to charge the saber quickly from 0-90% and then very slowly until full (97-99%). This means that most of the time your saber will not reach full charge by the time you would like to use it. It also means that often the battery, even if left on the charger overnight, will not reach a 100% full charge (when you check the battery indicator) in order to preserve the life of the battery. With this in mind, the saber should still be giving you about 2 hours of continuous use. If you are charging the saber for more than 2-3 hours and only getting about 1 hour of on-time or less, please reach out to us to get a repair going.

An Accessory I'm interested in isn't currently available. When will it be available again?

See bottom of list for information on how to receive the latest updates on new or upcoming product availability and more!

The Claw - Currently undergoing redesign and we expect it will be available, at the soonest, Q4 2021 or later

Blood Claw - Currently undergoing redesign and we expect it will be available, at the soonest, Q4 2021 or later

Chrome Claw - Currently undergoing redesign and we expect it will be available, at the soonest, Q4 2021 or later

Dark Side Bundle - See status for "Cataclysmic"

Cataclysmic - Currently undergoing redesign and we expect it will be available, at the soonest, Q4 2021 or later

Pincer (Emitter & Pommel) - Currently undergoing redesign and we expect it will be available, at the soonest, Q4 2021 or later

Black Shroud - Currently undergoing redesign and we expect it will be available, at the soonest, Q4 2021 or later

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V5 Functionality List and Button Instructions

Power button = top button on main hilt

AUX button = Second button below the power button

Feature and button combinations

Power on – Quick press the power button

Blaster Deflection – While on – quick press the power button

Lock up – While on – Hold the AUX button

Button Lock – While on – Triple click the AUX button (you will here a single beep) same combination to exit button lock. (be warned that if you saber is on and won’t turn off, then it is likely you are in button lock mode, try the button combination and once you hear the beep then try turning off the saber.)

Color change wheel – While on – triple click the power button (you will hear a 3 times chime tone to indicate you are in color change mode). Simply rotate the whole saber like a throttle to move between colors. When you find the color you want, then simple single quick press the power button again to leave color change mode (you will hear the same chime but descending in tone)

Power Off – While on - Hold the power button

Sound Font Selection – While off- single quick press the AUX button ( you will hear an ignition sound for that font indicating that you are in that mode.)

Battery Percentage Reader – While off – press and hold the AUX button for 5 seconds ( you will hear a voice read to the battery percentage)

Low Power Mode* - While off – quick press the AUX button 5 times in a row. You will hear a town down to indicate you are in low power mode. Low power not only saves battery but is advised for those using older versions of our Kyberlight Saber to help save the life of your 5W LED (you new V5 board is set to start with 10W output.)

Volume Control – While off – hold the power button down and while holding the power button quick press the AUX button. (you will hear a voice indicating the selected volume level) You have 100, 75, 50, 25 and mute levels for volume. *The mute level does not have an announcement voice.