One Saber, Unlimited Possibilities

Welcome to Kyberlight, home of the greatest customizable saber in the the Galaxy. We are excited you have purcahsed a Kyberlight Customizable Saber and joined Kyberlight Nation. This is just the start, with dozens of accessories and endless possibilities, you can begin today and never stop creating the perfect saber.

Don’t get stuck with one design. You can find custom pommels, sleeves and emitters to change your look anytime, anywhere, for any occasion.

Our sabers are built to last. Don’t be afraid to have fun! Duel, clash and have a blast!

Updates and Infomation

If you have any questions about your new Kyberlight V10 saber please reach out to us on our Contact Us page and we will respond within 2 Business days.



RGB sabers have 3 saber modes. Standard, Ghost and Blaster. Some sounds fonts default to Ghost or Blaster mode. If you want to change these while the saber is in Standby hold Power and tap AUX. This will change the saber mode.

If you would like to remove all the Ghost and Blaster modes at once you can visit our Updates page and download an update file for your Saber.

This page has been updated and should now work with updates.

It is most likely you have activated Multi Lock Mode, Hold the AUX button for 1 LED flash or 0.5 seconds and you should hear confirmation of exiting Multi Lock Mode. Try to power off the saber now.

Also holding the AUX button will first change a font, keep holding the AUX button and the saber will turn off.

The Kyberlight App is still being developed. Your V10 saber comes equipped with Bluetooth and will be app enabled once we launch. A date has not been set yet.

By default the volume is set to 100%. You can adjust the volume while in standby by holding the AUX button for for 1 LED Flash. The volume will change from 100% -> 75% -> 50% -> 25% -> Mute.

If you would like to lower the max volume all the time you can adjust this in the configuration file. Open the file config.ini in a text editor and change the line that says 'volume=100' to a lower number this will change the max volume of the saber.

To make all the pixel effects work you must configure your blade length for your saber. You can do this by adjusting the line 'main_blade_pixel_led_number=132'. For more detailed instructions click this here.

The button height on the new V10 saber is adjustable.  The two screws behind the buttons are meant to not be fully tight and to raise
and lower the button height.  Unscrew them so they are just flush with the saber hilt and the buttons should lower into the hilt just enough to remove the

If your saber will not charge please follow the following troubleshooting steps.

  1. Remove the bottom half of the hilt and remove the battery, reinsert the battery and try and charge.
  2. Please make sure the two set screws behind the buttons are fully inserted so when attaching the charging chord good contact is made.
  3. If your saber has gone completely dead it will take a few minutes to announce 'Charging' and the buttons will not light up at first. Leave your saber plugged in for at least 10 minutes.
  4. Please use the USB-C cable that came with your saber. Some USB-C cables do not carry power and will not charge the saber.
  5. If your saber 'clicks' or 'chirps' when plugged it it is probably very low on battery. The saber is trying to announce 'Charging' but doesn't have enough power to do so. Leave your saber plugged in for at least 10 minutes and it should continue to charge.

V10 RGB Operation


OFF - Hold AUX while in standby

Standby - Hold Power for 2 LED flashes (1s)

On - Tap Power while in Standby or use motion controls.


Blaster DeflectionTap AUX-
Lock UpHold AUX and Clash Saber-
Twist Color ChangeHold Power and Twist Saber (couterclockwise then clockwise)Twist Saber Quickly to initiate then slowly to see colors. Press Power to set color.
Solid Color ChangeHold AUX and Twist Saber (counterclockwise then clockwise)Twist Saber Quickly to initiate then the saber will change solid colors. Press Power to set color.
Infinate Color ChangeHold AUX and Twist Saber (clockwise then counterclockwise)Saber will slowly change colors, press AUX to set.
Power OffHold Power for 2 LED flashes (2s)-


Ignite SaberTap Power-
Change to next Sound FontTap AUXYou will hear new sound font name
Change to previous Sound FontHold AUX for 4 LED flashes (2s)You will hear new sound font name
Change Blade EffectPoint Saber Down, Twist Saber (counterclockwise then clockwise)Effect will change from Steady, Unstable, Pulse
Flash on ClashHold AUX for 3 LED flashes (1.5s)Saber will announce change
Battery Level CheckHold AUX for 2 LED flashes (1s)Battery level % announced
Volume ControlHold Aux for 1 LED flash (0.5s)Volume Changes 100%, 75%, 50%, 25%, mute
Change Saber EffectHold Power and tap AUXSaber will announce new effect Standard, Ghost, Blaster^
Turn Saber Completely OffHold AUX for 10sYou will hear 'Power Off'

Default Sound font and Saber/Blade Effects

Below is a list of the included Sound fonts and their preset Blade and Saber Effects. These can all be modified via saber controls or by editing the Config file on the Micro SD card when included.

Sound FontKyber-PixelRGB
Blade EffectSaber EffectBlade EffectSaber Effect
The ReturnSteadyPhoton IgnitionPulseBlaster
The Hermit in the SandsSteadyStandardPulseStandard
Savage KnightGalaxy StandardPulseStandard
Dark SaberPulseBroken IgnitionSteadyGhost
KyloFireScavenger IgnitionSteadyBlaster
ReySteadyHunter IgnitionPulseGhost
Son of CorelliaPulseStandardSteadyStandard
Tusken TerminatorSteadyStack IgnitionPulseStandard
UnlightstableUnstableBroken IgnitionUnstableGhost
Electric StaffPulseWarp IgnitionSteadyGhost
Glitch*UnstableWarp IgnitionUnstableGhost
Darkness*PulseHunter IgnitionSteadyGhost
The Second*Galaxy Scavenger IgnitionPulseBlaster
Code Fulcrum*PulseStandardSteadyStandard
Shock Baton*PulsePhoton IgnitionSteadyBlaster
The Sorcerer*SteadyStandardPulseStandard
Harmony*RainbowPhaser IgnitionSteadyStandard
The Slayer*UnstablePhoton IgnitionUnstableBlaster
The Forgotten Padawan*SteadyBroken IgnitionPulseGhost
Cracked Vengence*CrackedStandardUnstableStandard
The Persuit*SteadyStandardPulseStandard
Cracked Ego*CrackedScavenger IgnitionUnstableBlaster
Emperors Hand*CrackedStack IgnitionUnstableStandard
Ninth Sister*FireBroken IgnitionSteadyGhost
The Betrayed*SteadyStandardPulseStandard
The Redeemed*SteadyStandardPulseStandard
Rulers Heirloom*Galaxy Phaser IgnitionPulseStandard
Evil Fool*PulseHunter IgnitionSteadyGhost
Thunger God*CandyWarp IgnitionPulseGhost
N1 Mod*FireWarp IgnitionSteadyGhost

* This font is only included with Micro SD card upgrade when purchasing an RGB saber.