Kyberlight RGB Day Blades
Kyberlight RGB Day Blades
Kyberlight RGB Day Blades
Kyberlight RGB Day Blades
Kyberlight RGB Day Blades
Kyberlight RGB Day Blades

Kyberlight RGB Day Blades

  • Fits all Kyberlight Custom Sabers
  • Worldwide shipping available
Blade Color
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Stand your ground and accentuate your blade color selections with the bold look of Kyberlight Day Blades.

Red Blades - 32"

Blue Blades - 32"

Purple Blades - 36"

Yellow Blades - 36"

Green Blades - 36"

(Hilt & Electronics sold separately)

Kyberlight offers a lifetime warranty on Day Blades, Kyberlight Saber Blades and Kyberlight Crackle Blades. Acrylic flat blades and neopixel bldes are not included in the lifetime warranty. The warranty can be activated at any time in the event that the blade or its tip break during combat or otherwise. To activate this warranty simply do the following:

  1. The customer will please send us a message using our Contact Us Page, with an explanation, photo, or video of the broken saber, and the original order #.
  2. Kyberlight will send a replacement blade to the customer. The customer pays for the shipping of the new blade. Kyberlight will send an invoice for the shipping via our website.
  3. The customer disposes of the broken blade.

Please note that your whole order will ship once ALL ITEMS ARE AVAILABLE to ship. If your order includes any backordered items (items that are listed to ship at a futuer time), your whole order will be shipped in the timeframe of the item with the latest displayed information.

If you would like more information about shipping and availability, please Contact Us and we will be happy to assist!

Customer Reviews

Based on 20 reviews

Great awesome, now I got a blade for heavy duty dueling now.


Amazing quality for the most part but does look rather flakey on the inside

Antonio P.
Works but needs modified

It does allow color to show in the day, however it has no diffusion whatsoever. They are see through. I tool some sand paper to one and it gave ot a frosted look that helped tremendously to diffuse and make it look great

Ginko K.
Wonderful looking and sturdy!

Saber Guild member here. These day blades are amazing for day time, bright sun combat, showing brilliant color even if the saber is not on. They are also wonderfully strong and sturdy, taking a beating and surviving like champs. Absolutely love the fact the tip is threaded which makes losing it very difficult, especially with more violent combat. Will be purchasing more in the future for myself and my temple members!


Love how jt lights up


Great blade. Needed to be customized since there was no cellophane wrap on the inside to diffuse the light of the saber


Great item 👌🏿


Absolutely love it it was the last piece I needed for my custom sith lightsaber.


Thanks this will be my last one I'll order lol.

nathan b.
Red Blade Looks Awesome

The blade looks and fits awesome. The only issue is if you plan to use it in the dark with the saber light you'll need to get diffuser film. This blade did not come with it.

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