Kyberlight V10 - Sound Font Expansion Pack (30 Sound Fonts)

Kyberlight V10 - Sound Font Expansion Pack (30 Sound Fonts)

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Expand your sound arsenal options with the Kyberlight V10 Sound Font Extension Pack! Unlock 30 additional sound fonts. This special edition pack will enhance your Kyberlight experience, providing endless possibilities for daring adventures!

Sold as a pre-loaded micro SD card with the original 38 sound fonts plus the 30 additional fonts in the expansion pack.  This is a plug-and-play addition that allows you to swap out your micro SD card to add additional options.

Pack includes Mara Jade Skywalker, Plo Koon, Pong Krell, The Survivors Hunter, Warlock, Priest, Paladin, Shogun, Son of Odin, The Black Suit, Get Schwifty, Earth Bending, Fire Bending, Water Bending, Nano Gauntlet, Infinity Gauntlet, Mind Stone, Power Stone, Reality Stone, Soul Stone, Space Stone, Time Stone, Death Knight, Demon Hunter, Lich King, Super Saiyan 2, Super Saiyan God, Vegeta Royal Rage, Mithrandir, and The Black Hand.

Sound Foint Default Settings

Sound FontDefault ColorKyber-PixelRGB
Blade EffectSaber EffectBlade EffectSaber Effect
Mara Jade SkywalerBlueSteadyStandardPulseStandard
Plo KoonWhiteSteadyStandardPulseStandard
Pong KrellBlueSteadyStandardPulseStandard
The Survivors HunterRedSteady StandardPulseStandard
Son of OdinSilverSteadyStandardPulseStandard
The Black SuitRedSteadyStandardPulseStandard
Get SchwiftyRedSteadyStandardPulseStandard
Earth BendingGreenSteadyStandardPulseStandard
Fire BendingRedSteadyStandardPulseStandard
Water BendingBlueSteadyStandardPulseStandard
Nano GauntletRainbowRainbowStandardSteadyStandard
Infinity GauntletWhiteCrackedStandardPulseStandard
Mind StoneYellowUnstableStandardUnstableStandard
Power StonePurpleSteadyStandardPulseStandard
Reality StoneRedCrackedStandardPulseStandard
Soul StoneOrangeSteadyStandardPulseStandard
Space StoneBlueSteadyStandardPulseStandard
Time StoneGreenSteadyStandardPulseStandard
Death KnightWhiteSteadyStandardPulseStandard
Demon HunterWhiteSteadyStandardPulseStandard
Lich KingWhiteSteadyStandardPulseStandard
Vegeta Royal RageBlueSteadyStandardPulseStandard
The Black HandWhiteSteadyStandardPulseStandard

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