Crimson Red Leather Sleeve Accessory

Crimson Red Leather Sleeve Accessory

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Hand crafted Crimson Red leather sleeve.  Each leather sleeve is hand cut from beautifully selected upholstery hides and crafted to make your saber look and feel amazing.  These hand crafted sleeves are perfect for light dueling, cosplay and display. 

This select upholstery grade leather offers a top coat that gives this leather a rich even matt coat throughout. 

Please note: due to the hand crafted nature of this item it is possible for the ends to become loose over time and need to be reglued down over time.  Due to the genuine nature of the leather there may be minor natural imperfections in the leather.

A leather item may be included in the 7 Unreleased Mystery box.


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Customer Reviews

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Love the leather wraping


pretty nice, it showed up alittle frayed around the buttons but some glue fixed it up

solid offering, looks great but needs one thing

I wanted this one and i wanted to give it a 5 star, but its really a 4.5 star.

The good:
Feels amazing. Looks amazing. Hand wrapped and nearly perfect. The red looks great on black sabers. I havent put on my silver one as its in dual saber configuration and i only got one. Lol

The bad:
The belt clip is not possible with this on. The screw is not long enough to go through the belt clip, the leather and the sleeve underneath to get into the base to screw in. The alternate side you need the longer screw as well. So use both long screws and dont attach the belt clip.

Also the belt clip has a noticable gap when you look at it that isnt as noticable on other sleeves. I think a new belt clip and a longer screw is needed with this sleeve in the future. But i dont use my clip anyway so...

4.5 star is what id give this sleeve. Its great and i love rhe look and feel