KYBERLIGHT®  Lifetime Warranty RGB Saber Blade

KYBERLIGHT® Lifetime Warranty RGB Saber Blade

  • Fits all Kyberlight Custom Sabers
  • Worldwide shipping available
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The Kyberlight Signature Saber Blade is the most advanced saber blade on the market. Our blades solve the problem of dead spots and poor tip performance.

Our Signature blade is a high-durability dueling blade. We back every Signature Sabe Blade with a lifetime warranty.  Simply put, we put our money where our mouth is. 

More Info

  • 1" Outer Diameter. 
  • Deep Threaded tips
  • 3MM Thick walled, frosted, optical grade tube
  • Long socket depth, giving optimal tip adhesion and retention.
  • Precision tip mirror
  • Light diffusion in mirror for full tip illumination

Kyberlight offers a lifetime warranty on Day Blades, Kyberlight Saber Blades and Kyberlight Crackle Blades. Acrylic flat blades and neopixel bldes are not included in the lifetime warranty. The warranty can be activated at any time in the event that the blade or its tip break during combat or otherwise. To activate this warranty simply do the following:

  1. The customer will please send us a message using our Contact Us Page, with an explanation, photo, or video of the broken saber, and the original order #.
  2. Kyberlight will send a replacement blade to the customer. The customer pays for the shipping of the new blade. Kyberlight will send an invoice for the shipping via our website.
  3. The customer disposes of the broken blade.

Please note that your whole order will ship once ALL ITEMS ARE AVAILABLE to ship. If your order includes any backordered items (items that are listed to ship at a futuer time), your whole order will be shipped in the timeframe of the item with the latest displayed information.

If you would like more information about shipping and availability, please Contact Us and we will be happy to assist!

Customer Reviews

Based on 25 reviews
Leo P.
Great product!

Tough blade without a doubt. Haven't had a chance to duel with it yet, but my expectations are high.


Amazing quality


Bought these for dueling with my son. Very durable and worth every penny.


My kids have hit everything they could and have not had any problems


Always the best the only ones I actually trust to hold up


Yes it was cool

Dana W.
Great lightsabers

I’ve been dueling with my 9 year old son and it’s been great. He hit’s pretty hard and so far so good. I like the way you can change the settings but there is a bit of a learning curve as those two buttons are doing a lot. But once you get it figured out it is great. I just kept the FAQ page opened in a browser on my phone to consult. Also, the “control lock” really helps when dueling so you don’t end up changing all of your settings. Customer service has been great as well. It does take two days for the first response but then they are there.


Very durable blades! The tips can wiggle loose while dueling, but superglue can fix that easily.


Great service


The price point was what I was looking for but the quality was off. It didn't fully illuminate through the blade. Then while I was moving the box I heard a rattling. Turns out the mirror piece had come off of the tip. So now I have to glue the pieces back together and try it again. Not what I was hoping for but then again it was cheaper than their competitors. So hopefully when the mirror part is installed I will have a better result.

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