Hyper Burst Pommel Accessory

Hyper Burst Pommel Accessory

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Hyper Burst pommel features a heavy weighted pommel.  Silver finish with 5 defined wings.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Great look poor sound

This Pommel looks great and is well crafted, however is Dulls the sound of the saber significantly. It has holes drilled for sound, i believe just not enough. Still a great product! And worth the purchase.

Alexander Penn
Dig it

Looks great, machined well.

Jayden Drew
Great accessory but muffles sound a little bit

The look is absolutely incredible and it fits perfectly. The edges are a bit sharp, but that's an easy fix, however the holes in the pommel only allow a muffled sound to get through that make it sound as if it were underwater, but it hardly takes away from the quality of the Saber, just something to consider before purchase.

James Atkins
Hyper Burst YEAH!

Yet another finely crafted piece by Kyberlight. This will be a beautiful addition to one of the sabers I'm building. And as always, Kyberlight is fast to ship. Thank you! James