Kyberlight Blade Tip (Rounded)

Kyberlight Blade Tip (Rounded)

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Kyberlight Rounded Blade tip, perfect for dueling.  Not compatible with Pixel or Infinity blades

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Doesn’t fit! But great shipping!
Thank you!


Good for stabbing

Lloyd R.
Technically, this is Kyberlight's most pointless product.

The standard tip is much too pointed if you plan on sparring to any serious degree. I don't know why they don't ship these tips standard as they don't look any worse than the pointed tips.
They do shake loose after a few rounds of sparring, but that is a mild inconvenience at most. A drop of glue should fix it in place, or just check your blade every few matches.

A must have!

An absolute must if you plan on sparring. The standard tips are pointy enough to easily take out an eyeball with an errant swing. FYI they don't stay put well. The jarring of the blades rattles them loose. Just a drop of glue will lock them down properly.

Timothy L.
Couldn’t tell you

I can’t review this item because despite being purchased 11days ago I still haven’t received it. My one request from this company would be to ship thru another provided other than the post office.