Ahsoka Tano Pommel
Ahsoka Tano Pommel

Ahsoka Tano Pommel

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The Ashoka Tano Pommel is meant to pair with the Ahsoka Tano Sleeve, but can be added to other sleeves as well.  Patterned after the design of the beloved Ashoka Tano lightsaber from the Clone wars while she was still with the Jedi order.  It is unlike any Kyberlight accessory ever designed. 

Saber and sleeve sold separately. See Saber options here.

See full accessory bundle here.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 26 reviews

Amazing piece. The edges were sharp and need filing to dull them down, otherwise would have been 5 stars.


Beautiful craftsmanship. The edges were a bit sharp and needed some filing however. Only thing that kept it from 5 stars.


If I could give em 10 stars I would!

Nathan C.
Star Padawan

I find the Ahsoka bundle is almost perfect. The way the saber looks and feels are great. I took it out for a short two practice and I was very surprised on how good it felt in my hand. I assumed with the edge around the emitter that goes through the saber that it would cut up or irrigate me hands, but I had no such issue. The only reason I haven't called this bundle perfect is for the fact of the size. It is a little to large but i understand that making it shorter would be impossible. My 8 year old dresses up as Ahsoka for conventions, and I bought the saber for her, and while she loves it would look better with her size if the saber looked smaller. Besides that, I would highly recommend.

April K.R.
Love this

I love how much this looks like Ahsoka Tano's Saber.
The only issue I do have that it is a little bit too long. It could be at least 2 inches shorter on the top and an inch shorter on the bottom. Then it will be perfect.
If you ever do make a shorter one let me know. Peace and May the Force be with You.

Eddie D.
Love it!!!

Awesome hilt!! They must have fixed the problems, because this thing is awesome!! Mine fit like a glove and is very comfortable in hand and spins very nice. It is longer that Ahsoka's hilt, but that just ads to the coolness and originality of it. Highly recommended for Ahsoka fans.

Love it

Love the ashoka hilt accessory only thing is it is a little oversized in length could be a little shorter to be more realistic but I have not been disappointed yet from kyberlight yet I will continue to be a customer for a long time

Scott L.
Almost perfect

Love the design, love the detail on the pommel. Only thing is it's edges are kind of sharp. Would be nice to maybe smooth out the edges on these as well as some other machined parts, but I personally give it a 9.25 out of 10


this design is awesome and I really hope that kyberlight makes more cannon style lightsabers in the future: specifically a Kanan Jarrus saber acessory or a count dooku saber

Tom H.
Almost perfect

The cut open edges are a bit rough/sharp so definitely watch hand placement but other than that another amazing option for my saber!! Thanks Kyberlight!!