The Vizsla Bundle
The Vizsla Bundle
The Vizsla Bundle

The Vizsla Bundle

Sale price$69.99

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Accessory Bundle Only includes:

  • Emitter Accessory 
  • Handguard Accessory
  • Sleeve Accessory
  • (Hilt & Electronics sold separately)

Combo: Blade* & Accessory Bundle includes:

  • Dark Blade (Acrylic)
  • Emitter Accessory
  • Handguard Accessory
  • Sleeve Accessory
  • (Hilt & Electronics sold separately)


  • Hilt insert dowel is 1 inch in diameter and 2 inches in length
  • Fits all Kyberlight hilts and most other hilt styles



  • Acrylic Flat Blades are not combat capable and are not intended for dueling or combat of any kind
  • Due to unique design elements, there is no warranty on this item
  • Any abrupt change in direction or halting may compromise the blade just above the emitter. (At the Hilt Insert Dowel.) The customer acknowledges this design element and accepts responsibility for any breaks or fractures related to the element, regardless of circumstance or event.
  • Hilt & Electronics sold separately

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Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
Joshua E.
Looks great feels a little bit "shaky" -Accessory Bundle

While doing some basic training I can tell that the handguard seems a little bit loose, and you can hear it move sometimes.



Looks amazing

Looks great fits beautifully only side note is need a little clear on the sides for the blade effects

Great looking saber

The Vizsla bundle is great way for any Kyberlight owner to give their saber the signature dark saber look. The accessory parts are great and I like the way they lock together. My only complaint is with the blade. Where the blade inserts into the saber is very weak, the blade has a spot at the end of the blade where light shines through like a flashlight also light shines the same way around the sides blade and this light is very very bright you could easily blind yourself or someone else. Also I don’t know about the V5 soundboard but not having the signature dark saber sound effects is also disappointing. I would recommend getting the accessories but not the blade.

Great looking set up

I love this set it makes the saber look so amazing if you want to cosplay as Din this is totally for you
Although I do wish the blade was rated for combat

Anthony V.
Amazing Accessory

This has to be one of the best accessories for my lightsaber. I hope the continue to do these for other sabers.

Kevin S.
Great product

It can blind u a little bit from the blade I love it !!

Vizsla Combo

Easy to put together and good to look at 1) issue however, the blade was scratched on the hilt upon receipt (not visible unlit but very visible when illuminated) whilst only a show blade it did detract somewhat overall Could repaint the entire blade (plasricote?) or as I did etch a starburst pattern along both side to incorporate scratch. Looks OK now but not totally synchronous / symmetrical both sides ( I'm no artist) also hand guard rattles due to loose fit. Overall quite happy good illumination, good weight, might have been nice to have a channel on the blade for the locking screw as is v easy to have thr blade skewed or offset

sam G.

I really like the way it looks and feels

Colleen R.G.

My son loves the look of the Viszla Hilt