Dual Saber Connector Accessory

Dual Saber Connector Accessory

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Connect any two Kyberlight Customizable sabers to form a Dual Saber.

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Ryan Dunegan
Awesome piece

Absolutely love this connector


Fits in nice. Double blades are cool. My 9 year old says it's a little heavy. Maybe. It's metal and quality.

So fun to use!

This piece opens up a whole new world of fun tricks to try! Having the cut outs allows the sound to still be heard clearly with the two sabers connected. At first I wasn't sure I liked how the diameter of the connector is quite a bit larger than the diameter of the sabers, but it's actually makes it really easy to know where my hands are when doing more complicated spins and tricks, so I actually really appreciate it now. I'm less likely to have my hands drift down the blade/staff and get unbalanced because I can feel exactly where I am without looking. One side is a little "sticky" when trying to thread the saber on, but it's getting smoother with time. The edges of the threading must have been a little rougher on that end. Overall, I'm LOVING this connector and it's an absolute must for people to buy if they have two sabers!!! Come, experience the power of the dark side and the whole new repertoire of coolness and skills you can achieve!

James Atkins

I've purchased a few pieces now from Kyberlight and they always exceed my expectations. I got this one to couple together two hilts into a staff. The quality and craftsmanship is phenomenal - far better than the photo. I highly recommend this company for any/all of your lightsaber needs.