Plasmafier Accessory

Plasmafier Accessory

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A heavy emitter accessory that offers substantial protection from any blow.

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Customer Reviews

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Michael Palmer
Definatly Quality

It is a quality part although it is a tad bulky for my takes perfect for heavier duelists and heavier hilts though

Michael Robinson

It is a great addition to my collection.

Dillon Norris
One problem

Overall the part is great in both appearance and design but the part doesn't connect to the flat retaining screw that is ment to keep it attached to the lightsaber. I'm not sure if this is an issue that only I'm having but it's one that I feel should be mentioned.

Michael King

I love the plasmafier it save my fingers from getting wacked while dueling with friends

Luis Uzcategui

My saber looks so elegantly equipped !!!