Dwarf Emitter
Dwarf Emitter
Dwarf Emitter
Dwarf Emitter
Dwarf Emitter

Dwarf Emitter

  • Kyberlight Customizable Emitter Accessory. One Saber, Unlimited Possibilities
  • Fits All Versions of Kyberlight Customizable Sabers
  • Worldwide shipping available

A unique medieval lightsaber? The one of a kind Dwarf Emitter Accessory will turn your saber into the sword of your dreams.  Guard your hands and your life with honor.  Available in 3 colors Matte Black, Red and Silver.  

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Shadow Guard Bundle.

Red Guard Bundle

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Fitting on the top of the saber where the blade connects. The emitter customization connects with a thumb screw or small headed screw.


Sleeves can be the main feature and display peice of your Kyberlight Customizable Saber. These slide over the hilt and are connected via 2 screws at the base.


Pommels are the end cap of your saber. Screwing onto the end and finishing the protection of your electronics pommels can change the sound of your saber as well as the look.

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews

The quillions can actually be used to bind up another blade. I don’t know if that was intentional, but it works!

Ryan Johnson
Cool but can't use it

This emitter is really cool, but the metal is too thick, so your screw for attaching emitters is too short. It has to come with a longer screw to actually attach it and I can't find that anywhere on this website, nor does the product specify that you have to buy extra hardware to use it.

Kenny S.

Loose fit


Absolutely love it looks on my saber. Worth the purchase and insight!


Felt a bit weird trying to put it on the saber and it does move around after fighting for a while but it makes the saber look fantastic


It is just what I needed


This thing is perfect! Basically looks and feels like a great sword and it’s awesome because I’m a bigger guy so it matches me!

No Mounting Screw included

The reply I got was to use the longer screw that came with your original lightsaber. I don't have such a screw on my V5 or where it might be. I'm sure lots of people have lost or misplaced screws because the extra screw set is sold out. I'm going to use cording and just tie mine on. It'll look dystopian then.

Matthew W.
Guardian of Truth and Hands

This is s wonderful piece! I have had my eye on it for some time and after finally purchasing it, I have no complaints! My fingers now have extra protection in duels!

Jean-Paul M.
Great accessories

I actually split up the bundle and I'm using different pieces with different sabers. Very pleased

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