Non Customizable TXQ Sabers Feature Table

Saber Electronics TXQ RGB TXQ SN-Pixel

1 LED at the base of the blade illuminating the full length of the blade

100+ LEDs that run the entire length of the blade

Recharge USB or Removable Battery 2000mAh USB or Removable Battery 3000mAh
Volume control
Motion & Hit Detection
Blaster Block, Clash, Lock-up effects
Sound fonts 16 Including Luke, Kylo, Obi-wan, Anakin, Darth Vader, Ben Solo, Ahsoka, Rey, Palpatine, Lei and more. 27 Including Luke, Emperor, Obi-wan, Electric Essence, Angelic Plasma, Jurassic, and more. Customizable w/ 32GB Micro SD
Blade Color Change 12 Blade Colors; Red, Blue, Yellow, Cyan, Ice Blue, Green, Pink, Orange, Purple, Pink-Green, Rose, White Unlimited RGB color settings
Smooth Swing
Force & Stab effects
Melt & Tip-drag effects
Activation Animations
Blade Effects Stable, Pulse, Ghost, Blaster Stable, Unstable, Pulse, Wave, Ghost, Cross, Infinite, Rainbow, Fire
Saber Ignition Effects 9 Effects