Cataclysmic Accessory
Cataclysmic Accessory
Cataclysmic Accessory
Cataclysmic Accessory
Cataclysmic Accessory

Cataclysmic Accessory

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Cataclysmic Accessory features two large blades extending up the blade.  Available in 2 colors.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Michael Richardson
Like them both, but especially the black with the silver edges...

When I received the package, it looked like one of them was broken, but the screw had simply come loose. After a quick tightening, all of them worked well. This is one part that is quite unique and has character for the saber combinations. These are great parts and among my favorite... and both versions look great with many of the other sleeves and pommels. Thanks Kyberlight.

John Bradshaw
Latest version is awesome

Matte Black version released and with it a redesign. It is now shorter and looks much better. A warning, this is metal and the ends come to a point. They look sharp and are sharp. Great design.

Luis Lacen
Malgus Status

Love this emitter, makes for a great Darth Malgus homage saber. I got one for my girlfriend and she loves it. It’s nice and large and adds an intimidating edge to the saber- pun intended.

Its ok

Its an ok modification. Like 90% of the larger emitters it just makes the whole thing over sized.