Brylark Accessory
Brylark Accessory
Brylark Accessory
Brylark Accessory
Brylark Accessory

Brylark Accessory

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Full coverage Sleeve designed for Kyberlight customizable sabers.  Featuring a wood grain pattern.

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My only beefs...

I love this sleeve! Brylark is exactly what I would have as the main material of the hilt of my lightsaber if I were a Jedi. It's a nice print, but it could be better as said by another reviewer. My other beef was how easily it scratches and you see the silver underneath. It's a nice display sleeve, but I wouldn't recommend it for heavy dueling. That being said, this is my favorite sleeve on this site.

Dreyson Mahi
My Favorite Sleeve!

This was not what I expected.

I was expecting an actual wood sleeve, and it is not wooden; BUT, I got something I love and would use over ANY other sleeve.

Gunji's lightsaber is my favorite and this makes your lightsaber really look like that!

If you're into wooden lightsabers or want a more nature-esk look, pick this sleeve.

Wookie w.a.C.
Nice Print but could be better

My products arrived in unmarked unlined boxes, loose. Most of the loose accessories were marred and scuffed. I'm willing to forgive this, as they are steal and it adds to the worn look. But quality of the packaging step was terrible. Many of the accessories were cancelled due to stock, or replaced with like items. So overall I did not receive what I had hoped. The fit of the sleeves are subpar and loose. Leading to accidental flash on clash triggers. The finish of the add on sleeve is worse then the original sleeve. The paint was scuffed and defective. The clear coat was very slippery and not protected from damage with a clear coat. The power buttons are very deep in the hilt, making activation and setup difficult. The color of the led in the yellow spectrum is off. There is only orange and red, all the steps are just variants of orange. No yellow at all. I'm ok with this as well, as I wanted a more "bronze" effect to begin with. So my blade is two toned. I had ordered a dayblade to help with this, but it never arrived as stock caused it to be cancelled. But that doesn't excuse the lack of yellow color mixing. Brightness is fine, after adding film diffuser to the interior. Volume is too high and distorted at 100percent, but expected. Overall not upset with the product, just disappointed with quality control and consistency.