The Claw Accessory

The Claw Accessory

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Black Claw Emitter Accessory for Kyberlight Custom Sabers.

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James C.
Aesthetically beautiful, screws are a bit too long.

The emitter is great, and is likely my absolute favorite, but the screws that hold on the claws are just barely a couple of thou too long and will scratch the blade as you try to insert it.

I'm still giving it 5 stars because if you loosen, then re-tighten the scrwes, it actually makes the blade even more stable than it is normally.

Machining not quite right

The inside diameter did not match the hilt outside diameter, had to sand down both surfaces to get it to fit which in turn left abrasion marks on the hilt. Need better QC! Otherwise love the look!

Great Emitter

This emitter is a fantastic addition to my saber. it looks great when the saber is activated and has a good weight to it. It fits snuggly on the hilt. It is really tight on my 32" blade and my Crackle Blade, and left deep scratches in the 32" blade, but the 36" blade fits nicely. This emitter does need a pommel with a bit of mass to it to counterbalance its weight and that of the blade though. Love it.

Joseph L.
Quality part

I am very happy with this accessory

Erwin C.
The Black Claw

I have waited since I first got a Kybersaber to get this emitter. Still need a red one to complete my set.