Krayt Dragon Scale Sleeves
Krayt Dragon Scale Sleeves

Krayt Dragon Scale Sleeves

Introducing Krayt Dragon Scale Sleeves.

Crafted to resemble the massive and powerful dragons of Tatooine. Krayt dragons varied in color from green to yellow-brown to black with a very rare red-skinned dragon that we have discovered for use on our red sleeve.

Show your dominance by wielding the skins of some of the fiercest predators in the galaxy.

* not actual dragon scales

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  • Fits all Kyberlight Custom Sabers
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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Danny C.
Very nice and original appearance!

My favorite sleeve as of right now very cool red Dragon scale design , exactly as I expected. Fits very nicely on my chrome V10 and I’ll be installing it on my black V10 when it arrives soon !

J. W.
Good but could be improved.

I purchased the green krayt sleeve and I do like the look of the sleeve. However, when it comes to function I find it to be too smooth. If your saber is just for display purposes this sleeve is very aesthetically pleasing. But if your saber is more function oriented like mine you may find your grip to be decreased (which could be unsafe for dueling or shows) as I did by using this sleeve during practice. I would've liked to have seen some texturing added for this reason. Maybe by raising a few scales here and there if only by a few millimeters. This would also give the sleeve a nice three dimensional effect as well. Or just some minor texturing of the sleeve as a whole. Scales are a bit rough after all. Of course this would increase the cost of the sleeve but I honestly wouldn't have a problem with that. I believe most of us would happily pay more for that higher quality and functionality. Over all it isn't a bad product, it could just use some improvement.


The design is amazing I now have 2 red sleeves and a brown one.

Matthew W.
Scaled goodness!

The design is gorgeous, the handle is amazingly smooth, and the aesthetic suits the look I wanted for my saber. Its perfect!

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