Why Kyberlight?

Why Kyberlight?

If you're asking this question, you likely fit into one of these two categories:

  • (1) You're a saber enthusiast—maybe even a seasonsed saber enthusiast—looking for the next addition to your collection or
  • (2) you're getting acquainted with the world of high-end dueling sabers and are wondering where's the best jumping off point.
  • (Or (3) you hate being put into categories and we’ve already offended you—whoops!)

To Group 3, we’d just say, “Our bad.” Depending on which of the other two groups you fall into, here's what we'd say:


Not Being Stuck with One Hilt Build

Kyberlight's "At-Home" customizability (meaning, you don't customize it online, order it, and are then stuck with that build) gives you the ability to have a saber you can keep changing with your interests, or the direction of your cosplay, without having to buy a whole new hilt.

A Less Costly, Ongoing Side Project

If you're a saber enthusiast, you're also likely a "tinkerer"—someone who likes understanding how something works and having the ability to modify functionality at-will. There's also a good chance you've got a spouse, life partner, or parent who doesn't *quite* share your fascination with sabers or saber lore.

Convincing yourself or others that delegating funds to your most recent "cool idea" can be tough, but especially when the cost for the parts bring that vision to life are so high.

*Enters Kyberlight Accessories*

The average cost of a Kyberlight Customization Accessory is $19.99. So, when you get that hankering to tinker on a side project, but funds or spouse/parent-support is low, Kyberlight gives you an easy, affordable way to scratch that itch.

Kyberlight's Lifetime Blade Warranty

You want a saber you're proud of that you're also not afraid to duel with. You likely already have a saber that makes you feel like the force-wielder your inner 10-year-old self believes you are.

Trouble is, that thing was ex-PENSIVE. [Emphasis added.] And, not every company out there provides a warranty on their blades.

And, with the average price of a heavy-grade blade being $28 or higher, it's reasonable to feel a little hesitant swinging that thing at your friend's rebel-scum face. So, what's a space wizard to do?

*Queue the angel choirs and pillar of light* All Kyberlight Blades1 come with the Kyberlight Lifetime Blade Warranty. And all Kyberlight Sabers come with a Kyberlight Blade. I'll let you connect the dots... Plus, Kyberlight doesn't differentiate on grade-levels—every Kyberlight Hilt and Kyberlight Blade1 is combat-ready.

So, get the saber that you can customize to look the way you like and that you can enter duels without "pulling punches" on your strikes!


Price Point, Barriers to Entry

A saber is ultimately a “fantasy enabler”. Let’s face it—what you really want is the ability to actually slice that guy-who-cut-you-off’s car in half with the flick of a wrist, epic saber humming sound and all.

However, the technology isn’t quite there yet, so high-end dueling sabers give you the next best thing: feature sets that make you feel like that’s what you can do—like that’s who you are. Features like...Saber ignition, swinging sound effects, flash on clash, and more.

Also, you don’t want to be relegated to one blade color. Afterall, you might be feeling “red beam-y” after your morning commute, but more “blue beam-y” when you’re sayin’—and I quote—“Hello there!” to the haters.

Trouble is, most sabers that come with those feature sets and blade color options cost anywhere from $380 to $1,000+. Which basically means, for most folks, that saber fantasy is dead in space...that is, until Kyberlight came along.

Every Kyberlight comes standard with all those sound effects, 2x sound fonts (“light” and “dark” side), 20 beam colors, combat-ready or heavy-grade components, and costs only $199.

So, get the saber with a $380-$1,000 feature set...without paying $380-$1,000.

Not Being Stuck with One Hilt Build

We said this to the first group, but it applies even more so to newcomers.

You’re still testing out the analogous waters and aren’t sure you’re committed to this oft-times spendy hobby. (We mean lifestyle! *nervously looks at the hardcore fans*.)

Kyberlight's "At-Home" customizability (meaning, you don't customize it online, order it, and are then stuck with that build) and affordability—average Kyberlight Accessory price being $19.99—gives you some wiggle room, financially speaking, to experiment with the look of your hilt without having to buy several new hilts. (Which would be spendy.)

That means you’re not just getting an affordable saber, you’re getting the opportunity to make your saber the way you want it—again, and again, and again. #haveityourway

Low Risk

Kyberlight’s lowest price-per-feature cost is massively helpful in bringing your risk down in a first-time purchase like this. “Yeah, lower cost—that’s great. But what if it’s a piece of junk or defective?” Evidently, you’ve purchased from Amazon before…

What word starts with “W” and ends with “-arranties”? You don’t have to have the high ground to figure that one out.

Every Kyberlight Blade1 comes with a lifetime warranty—a guarantee exclusive to Kyberlight. And every Kyberlight Hilt comes with a 1-Year warranty.

Even beyond that 1-Year warranty, if your Kyberlight gives you any trouble, the cost of having it looked at by our team is only $40 and usually serviced with 7 business days.


Whether you're a long-time saber enthusiast or just entering the saber scene, Kyberlight's affordability, all-inclusive feature set, at-home customizability, and warranties provide either a dynamic addition to your saber collection or a great starting point for your saber journey.

So, why Kyberlight?

Nah, why not Kyberlight?


1All Kyberlight Blades made of Polycarbonate come with a lifetime warranty. (The Diffusion Blade that comes with the saber, the Kyberlight Day Blades, the Kyberlight Crackle Blade.) Due to unique design elements, the Acrylic Flat Blades do not come with a warranty.

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