The Full Mando Combo
The Full Mando Combo
The Full Mando Combo
The Full Mando Combo
The Full Mando Combo
The Full Mando Combo
The Full Mando Combo

The Full Mando Combo

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Color Options
  • Pacakging may vary. Black Kyberlight boxes are not currently available.
  • Worldwide shipping available
  • Immersive Smooth Swing
  • 17+ Bright Colors Built In
  • Instantly Responsive Flash-on-Clash
  • On-demand Blaster Deflection Effect
  • On-demand Lockup Effect
  • 3 Rich Sound Fonts
  • 2X Brighter 10W LED
  • New Sleek Hilt Design
  • Full Volume Control
  • Battery Level Indicator
  • Button Lock Mode
  • At-Home Customizable Hilt
  • Fully Combat Ready
  • Lifetime Warranty on the Blade
  • 1-Year Warranty on Hilt and Electronics

Please note that your whole order will ship once ALL ITEMS ARE AVAILABLE to ship. If your order includes any backordered items (items that are listed to ship at a futuer time), your whole order will be shipped in the timeframe of the item with the latest displayed information.

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All Kyberlight Acrylic Flat Blades are not combat capable and are not intended for dueling or combat of any kind. Due to unique design elements, there is no warranty on acrylic flat blades, including but not limited to, the Dark Blade, Viking Blade, Cutlass Blade, Samurai Blade, Belgian Blade.

The customer acknowledges this design and accepts responsibility for any breaks or fractures related to the element*, regardless of circumstance or event.

*This excludes damage caused by the shipping carrier during shipping. Customer must report such damage within 24 hours of the delivery time listed on the carrier tracking information.

Establish your dominance over the fallen bounty hunters with the Full Mando Combo.

The Full Mando Combo includes:

  • 1X Master Pack (Choose Hilt Color: Silver or Matte Black)
  • 1X Vizsla Bundle
  • 1X Dark Blade

* Please note Master pack contents have changed, the image shown may not be accurate.  We are working on getting new images that show the new Master Pack Contents.  If you would like to see the contents of the master pack click here.

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  • Kyberlight lightsaber Logo
  • ✅ Smooth Swing
  • ✅ Multiple Blade Colors
  • ✅ Blaster & Lockup
  • ✅ Flash on Clash
  • ✅ Multiple Sound Fonts
  • ✅ Button Lock
  • ✅ Volume Control
  • ✅ Redesign at home
  • ✅ Industry-Leading Customer Service
  • $249
  • ✅ Smooth Swing
  • ✅ Multiple Blade Colors
  • ✅ Blaster & Lockup
  • ✅ Flash on Clash
  • ✅ Multiple Sound Fonts
  • ✅ Button Lock
  • ✅ Volume Control
  • ❌ Heavy & Bulky
  • ❌ Complicated Order Process
  • ❌ Redesign at home
  • $533
  • ✅ Smooth Swing
  • ✅ Multiple Blade Colors
  • ✅ Blaster & Lockup
  • ✅ Flash on Clash
  • ✅ Button Lock
  • ❌ Pay Extra for Sounds
  • ❌ Limited Warranty
  • ❌ Always Out of Stock
  • ❌ Redesign at home
  • $499

How To Customize

V5 Functionality and button instructions

Power button: top button on main hilt

AUX button: Second button below the power button

Feature and button combinations

  • Power on – Quick press the power button
  • Blaster Deflection – While on – quick press the power button
  • Lock up – While on – Hold the AUX button
  • Button Lock – While on – Triple click the AUX button (you will here a single beep) same combination to exit button lock. (be warned that if you saber is on and won’t turn off, then it is likely you are in button lock mode, try the button combination and once you hear the beep then try turning off the saber.)
  • Color change wheel – While on – triple click the power button (you will hear a 3 times chime tone to indicate you are in color change mode). Simply rotate the whole saber like a throttle to move between colors. When you find the color you want, then simple single quick press the power button again to leave color change mode (you will hear the same chime but descending in tone)
  • Power Off – While on - Hold the power button
  • Sound Font Selection – While off- single quick press the AUX button ( you will hear an ignition sound for that font indicating that you are in that mode.)
  • Battery Percentage Reader – While off – press and hold the AUX button for 5 seconds ( you will hear a voice read to the battery percentage)
  • Low Power Mode* - While off – quick press the AUX button 5 times in a row. You will hear a town down to indicate you are in low power mode. Low power not only saves battery but is advised for those using older versions of our Kyberlight Saber to help save the life of your 5W LED (you new V5 board is set to start with 10W output.)
  • Volume Control – While off – hold the power button down and while holding the power button quick press the AUX button. (you will hear a voice indicating the selected volume level) You have 100, 75, 50, 25 and mute levels for volume. *The mute level does not have an announcement voice.

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Ron Nash
Great Christmas Gift

We got this as a Christmas Gift for a huge Star Wars collector in our office... he was kind enough to keep it at his desk and everyone loves playing with it. We aren't experts in the field of customizable lightsabers, but this is definitely a huge leap above anything we have seen before.

HongLi Qiao
Great Value. Not so Great QC

I got this combo during the Black Friday event, so it also comes with a knights pack. Kyberlight is kind enough to give me one silver hilt and one black hilt, which I definite appreciate. Geting 2 fully customizable sabers, true smooth swing sound board, accessories, and a flat blade for 400 is great. However, the accessories are a bit rough (literally) on the edges.

The good:
Great bang for buck
Cool looking
Blades are durable
Gyroscopic color wheel selection, which is a super convenient feature that you can't find on similarly priced LGT sabers (granted LGT does offer neopixel at this price range)
Sound fonts. You only get 3 but they are good.

The bad:
Sharp edges on accessories. I accidentally cut myself twice with the pommel when spinning.
No diffusion film. Granted you can just use cellophane yourself, but it's weird they don't include it considering it costs very little and makes the blade look so much better.
Quality control. My emitter has a marred surface and an unevenly drilled screw hole. While it still functions as an emitter, it's aesthetically unpleasing. I consider it a QC issue since an emitter is an entirely aesthetic piece.

How is the flat blade?
Just OK. The transparent acrylic handle at the very bottom lets too much light shine through. I had to paint it black, and now it looks good.

How is customer service?
I have heard mostly fantastic things regarding customer service, and also some bad reviews. Unfortunately, I experienced both.

On one hand, they were quick to respond and showed me clearly how to fit the emitter piece. On the other hand, once I showed them the QC issue on my emitter and asked them whether the warranty cover that. They went completely radio silent.

Would I recommend this purchase?
Yes, I would still recommend their sabers. I am keeping them. Their value is unbeatable, and overall quality is great, too. (Though if you want to make some sacrifices, you can get base-lit LGT sabers for much cheaper. They have even more sound fonts, albeit at lower quality, but don't have true smooth swing and the color wheel.)

Just make sure you know the potential risks:
1. Sharp edges that can cut you.
2. Hassle to use cellophane to diffuse your saber (not too bad to be honest).
3. Potential QC problems, and the customer service's possibility to go radio silent.


It is exactly the lightsaber i wanted.

Connor Davis

Hi, I love your light sabers they are realy fun and exactly what i wanted thankyou for doing such a great job. There are a couple things i would like to mention however, the sabers sleeve is a little loose at the top end. Looking at the hilt a couple set screws at the top lined up with the bottom ones would eliminate that rattle other wise the hilt is perfect. Other than that the only thing i would like to mention is the dark saber blade. When i ignite the saber with it in it casts a rainbow of color on the side of the blade and on whatever surface i point the blade at. If the base of the blade which sticks into the hilt were blacked out with exception of the bottom most surface so light could pass through it. Also if the clear edge around the blade was opaque like your normal blades it would still glow properly and wouldn't cast light on anything. Over all an amazing saber.

Maxwell Mcelhinney

these sabers are great for the starter.
No matter what set you get. the saber hilt is the same so you can design as you see fit. don't bother with some additions as your grandmaster pack may be lacking (as mine was I brought 2. one for me and 1 for my son. I have have to add my parts to his set to make it complete e.i. I should have gotten 4 of each part but only got 2.)

To duel. I'm not sure this is the best start. I have almost lost a emitter sleeve due to the poor standards of one of the parts that was suppose to hold it in place. I lost a retention screw because of it. it you use the wide head bolt along with the retention screw. expect to see your blades fly off.

Switch the wide head for another retention screw to fix this issue.

Be mindful that due to creation, the Mando coverings (the flat plate) will scare the saber tube. so if you do want to use it, you will no longer be able to use any pother sleeves and you can not not the scarring.
If you have then you may want to think about just leaving a deco, or decorating it you way. the the shell it way to basic to just spray/wrap/...