Kyberlight V5 Saber Circuit Board
Kyberlight V5 Saber Circuit Board

Kyberlight V5 Saber Circuit Board

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  • Fits Kyberlight V1-V5 Hilts
  • Immersive Smooth Swing
  • 17+ Bright Colors Built In
  • Instantly Responsive Flash-on-Clash
  • On-demand Blaster Deflection Effect
  • On-demand Lockup Effect
  • 3 Rich Sound Fonts
  • 2X Brighter 10W LED
  • New Sleek Hilt Design
  • Full Volume Control
  • Battery Level Indicator
  • Button Lock Mode
  • At-Home Customizable Hilt
  • Fully Combat Ready
  • Lifetime Warranty on the Blade
  • 1-Year Warranty on Hilt and Electronics

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Looking to upgrade your original or older model Kyberlight Saber with the latest Sound fonts, and features?  The V5 Circuit Board allows you to upgrade your saber without purchasing a full hilt and blade.

How To Upgrade

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Customer Reviews

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Donald Jackson
wow! what an upgrade!

I went from a v1 to a v2 and now a v5 and what a transition! very impressed and well worth it!!

Owen Keogh
A must have !

Upgraded my v1 and so happy. Gave my saber a new life and new love. The sounds are so much better and then general functions are brilliant. The installation was so easy and hassle free. A must have for anyone with an older version who doesn’t want to buy a new saber

Incredible in every way

I bough 2 v5 soundboards. It is 1000% worth the upgrade in you want to upgrade your v1-4 board to a v5. I also inquired about buying an upgraded LED and customer service was very quick to respond, very helpful, very knowledgeable and very respectful. Kyberlight products are very reasonably priced and are built with top notch quality. Thank you for providing such a good experience, Kyberlight! And just FYI for others, if you upgrade your old v1-4 saber to a v5, you will have to use it in low power mode so your 5 watt LED doesn’t burn out. It is still pretty bright

Colin Andrew

The v5 board is a great improvement on the previous models. Not only does it have many new features, it can also revive your saber if you messed it up while trying to mod it.

Jeff Bennett
Enjoy the V5!

I like the improvements to the V5. It added a lot of features that only add to the performance. I'd recommend updating the photo on the website. For the V5 board was the only thing sent, not the plastic chassis and battery holder.