INITIATE Pack - Customizable Saber

INITIATE Pack - Customizable Saber

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  • Customizable - Endless Possibilites
  • Worldwide shipping available
  • Pacakging may vary. Black Kyberlight boxes are not currently available.

The Initiate Pack comes with the same great hilt but with a shorter (24”) blade and lighter accessories which makes for a more manageable and fun experience for younger, soon-to-be masters. The saber is fully customizable, feature packed and combat ready. 

Crafted from 7075 Aircraft aluminum, our fully customizable, combat-ready Sabers are not only engineered for war but allow for continuous customization.  Don’t force the little one to be stuck with one saber design.  With Kyberlight Customizable Sabers you can change the look of your saber over and over again.  Compare our features and price with anyone and you will thank us later……. You’re welcome.   

All Initiate Saber Packs come with the following (What you get in the box):

  • 3 accessories: Emitter (top): Dark Kepler, Sleeve (middle): Dark Adaption, Pommel (bottom): Pommel Cap
  • 1x Kyberlight Customizable Hilt ( Matte Black or Silver )
  • 1x 24” Kyberlight Signature Blade ( Lifetime Warranty )
  • 1x Charger, Hex tool, and Assembly instructions.
    • Immersive Smooth Swing
    • 17+ Bright Colors Built In
    • Instantly Responsive Flash-on-Clash
    • On-demand Blaster Deflection Effect
    • On-demand Lockup Effect
    • 3 Rich Sound Fonts
    • 2X Brighter 10W LED
    • New Sleek Hilt Design
    • Full Volume Control
    • Battery Level Indicator
    • Button Lock Mode
    • At-Home Customizable Hilt
    • Fully Combat Ready
    • Lifetime Warranty on the Blade
    • 1-Year Warranty on Hilt and Electronics

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    • Kyberlight lightsaber Logo
    • ✅ Smooth Swing
    • ✅ Multiple Blade Colors
    • ✅ Blaster & Lockup
    • ✅ Flash on Clash
    • ✅ Multiple Sound Fonts
    • ✅ Button Lock
    • ✅ Volume Control
    • ✅ Redesign at home
    • ✅ Industry-Leading Customer Service
    • ✅ Lifetime Blade Warranty
    • $249
    • ✅ Smooth Swing
    • ✅ Multiple Blade Colors
    • ✅ Blaster & Lockup
    • ✅ Flash on Clash
    • ✅ Multiple Sound Fonts
    • ✅ Button Lock
    • ✅ Volume Control
    • ❌ Heavy & Bulky
    • ❌ Complicated Order Process
    • ❌ Redesign at home
    • $533
    • ✅ Smooth Swing
    • ✅ Multiple Blade Colors
    • ✅ Blaster & Lockup
    • ✅ Flash on Clash
    • ✅ Button Lock
    • ❌ Pay Extra for Sounds
    • ❌ Limited Warranty
    • ❌ Always Out of Stock
    • ❌ Redesign at home
    • $499


    How To Customize

    V5 Functionality and button instructions

    Power button: top button on main hilt

    AUX button: Second button below the power button

    While On:

    Function Control Notes
    Blaster Deflection Quick Press the Power Button
    Lock Up Hold the AUX Button
    Button Lock Tripple Click the AUX Button You will hear an audible beep, same combination to exit Button Lock Mode.If your saber is on and won't turn off, then it is likely you are in button lock mode. Try the Button combination and once you hear the beep try to turn off the saber.
    Color Change Tripple Click the Power Button, Then rotate the Saber to move between colors. Quick Press Power Button to leave Color change mode You will hear tones when entering and exiting Color Change mode.
    Power Off Press and Hold the Power Button

    While Off:

    Function Control Notes
    Turn On Quick Press the Power Button Turn On
    Sound Font Selection Quick Press AUX Button You will hear an ignition sound for the font selected.
    Check Battery Level Press and Hold the AUX Button for 5 Seconds You will hear a voice read the battery percentage
    Volume Control Hold the power button down and Quick press the AUX button You will hear a voice indicating the selected volume of 100, 75, 50, 25 and mute. Mute level does not announce. To chaing again you need to release the power button and hold again while quick pressing the AUX button.
    Low Power Mode quick press the AUX button 5 times in a row You will hear a town down indicating you are in low power mode. This saves battery and is also advised for those using older version of the Kyberlight Saber to help save the live of your 5W LED.

    Lifetime Warranty on the Blade, 1 Year Warranty on electronics and other components.

    Made for Combat with your friends or enemies. Flash-on-clash and a nearly industructible blade for endless fun.

    Don't spend $500+ on a saber that you cannot customize at home. For a fraction of the cost you can swap out accessories anytime!

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