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V5 Functionality List and Button Instructions

  • Power button = top button on main hilt

  • AUX button = Second button below the power button

  • Feature and button combinations

  • Power on – Quick press the power button

  • Blaster Deflection – While on – quick press the power button

  • Lock up – While on – Hold the AUX button

  • Button Lock – While on – Triple click the AUX button (you will here a single beep) same combination to exit button lock. (be warned that if you saber is on and won’t turn off, then it is likely you are in button lock mode, try the button combination and once you hear the beep then try turning off the saber.)

  • Color change wheel – While on – triple click the power button (you will hear a 3 times chime tone to indicate you are in color change mode). Simply rotate the whole saber like a throttle to move between colors. When you find the color you want, then simple single quick press the power button again to leave color change mode (you will hear the same chime but descending in tone)

  • Power Off – While on - Hold the power button

  • Sound Font Selection – While off- single quick press the AUX button ( you will hear an ignition sound for that font indicating that you are in that mode.)

  • Battery Percentage Reader – While off – press and hold the AUX button for 5 seconds ( you will hear a voice read to the battery percentage)

  • Low Power Mode* - While off – quick press the AUX button 5 times in a row. You will hear a town down to indicate you are in low power mode. Low power not only saves battery but is advised for those using older versions of our Kyberlight Saber to help save the life of your 5W LED (you new V5 board is set to start with 10W output.)

  • Volume Control – While off – hold the power button down and while holding the power button quick press the AUX button. (you will hear a voice indicating the selected volume level) You have 100, 75, 50, 25 and mute levels for volume. *The mute level does not have an announcement voice.

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