Master Pack - NEW V5

Master Pack - NEW V5

The Grand Master Pack

The Grand Master Pack

The Dual Saber - NEW V5

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A precision weapon for only the most skilled warrior, the Dual Saber provides you with all you need to form the infamous dual sided saber.

The Kyberlight sabers included with the Dual Saber come standard with our NEW V5 circuit board that enables the following feature set:

- Immersive Smooth Swing

- 14 Bright Colors Built In

- Instantly Responsive Flash-on-Clash

- On-demand Blaster Deflection Effect

- On-demand Lockup Effect

- 3 Rich Sound Fonts

- 2X Brighter 10W LED

- New Sleek Hilt Design

- Full Volume Control

- Battery Level Indicator

- Button Lock Mode

- At-Home Customizable Hilt

- Fully Combat Ready

- Lifetime Warranty on the Blade

- 1-Year Warranty on Hilt and Electronics

What you get in the box:

- 6x Accessories

- 2x Kyberlight Hilts

- 2x 24" Blades

- 1x Dual Connector Accessory

- 1x Charger, Hex Tool, and Assembly Instructions

Just the way I wanted it!! Thank you Kyberlight for such an amazing piece of equipment. Best product on the market! Highly recommended! Looking to even buy a second one to go dual wield or staff!!

  • - Ethan West

The claws are crazy awesome! Awesome customer service! Always improving the product, and coming up with new designs that can be used to create all sorts of configurations. As a Sabersmith hobbyist myself, I enjoy coming back to Kyberlight!

  • - Ed from planet Earth

I hope [others] love [theirs] as much as I have loved mine. Kyberlight really does believe in quality with their products. I have raved about it to my SW group, most of which have purchased more expensive models [elsewhere] and they are thinking of getting Kyberlight themselves to add to the collection.

  • -Nicholae from Winslow, AR