Knight Pack

Knight Pack

Initiate Pack

Available October 2020

RETURNING OCTOBER: The Initiate Pack: Telum, Vigilant, and Consular include the Kyberlight Saber (Silver) which is undergoing some exciting upgrades. We estimate the new version will be available October 2020. Please feel free to reach out to us using our Contact Us page if you have any questions and we will be happy to help!

The Initiate Pack comes with the same great hilt but with a shorter (24”) blade and lighter accessories which makes for a more manageable and fun experience for younger, soon-to-be masters. There are 3 builds to choose from and the saber is fully customizable for an experience that goes far beyond unboxing.

The Kyberlight saber included with the Initiate Pack comes standard with the following feature set:

- At-Home Customizable Hilt

- 20 Colors Built In

- Combat Ready

- 2x Sound Fonts & On-Demand Mute

- Lifetime Warranty on the Blade

- 1-Year Warranty on Hilt & Electronics

What you get in the box:

- 3 Pre-attached Accessories

- 1x Kyberlight Saber

- 1x 24 Inch Blade

- 1x Charger, Hex Tool, and Assembly Instructions.

- Lifetime Blade Warranty + 1-Year Electronics Warranty

Brand new to this whole Lightsaber world and I couldn’t be happier that I went with Kyberlight. Price vs features they are more than my daughter and I could have hoped for. The customizability is what drew us to Kyberlight as being able to make our sabers our own really appealed to us, however the customer service is the reason we chose to buy from them. It is the most professional I have received for as long as I can remember with almost instant responses to emails with nothing but helpful answers to our noob questions. Items were packaged very well and shipped to Australia surprisingly quickly. Great experience from beginning to end. The force is strong with this one....

  • - Spencer from Perth, Australia

I have dealt with a few lightsaber companies and Kyberlight sabers has *the* best customer service. I love the versatility of their product, the durability, and its reliability.

  • - Tinsley from planet Earth

I love this company!!! They have the best customer service I've ever seen. I have bought sabers for myself, my two kids (soon will need three) my brother and my nephew. Definitely the most durable sabers on the market. I LOVE YOU Kyberlight Sabers!!!

  • - Nathaniel from Victorville, CA