2 W 4 ohm BFO Speaker

2 W 4 ohm BFO Speaker

Kyberlight Screw Kit

Kyberlight Screw Kit

Kyberlight V5 Circuit Board

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Introducing the next generation Kyberlight Circuit Board, V5! Kyberlight is constantly looking for ways to INNOVATE, UPDATE, and IMPROVE every aspect of the Kyberlight custom lightsaber. The all new Kyberlight Circuit Board is proof of that. This new circuit board can actually replace the older version of the Kyberlight circuit board. With its quick connect capabilities, it's an easy upgrade for those who have purchased a previous version of the Kyberlight custom lightsaber. 

The new Kyberlight V5 circuit board includes the following new features:

- Immersive Smooth Swing

- 9 Bright Colors Built In

- Instantly Responsive Flash-on-Clash

- On-demand Blaster Deflection Effect

- On-demand Lockup Effect

- 3 Rich Sound Fonts

- New Sleek Hilt Design

- Full Volume Control

- Battery Level Indicator

- Button Lock Mode

- Fully Combat Ready

Each of these new features now come standard on EVERY Kyberlight Saber