Kyberlight Crackle Blade (32

Kyberlight Crackle Blade (32")

Acrylic Flat Blades

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Each Kyberlight Acrylic Flat Blade—Belgian, Cutlass, Samurai, or Viking—offers you the ability to add a distinct, powerful persona to the look of your blade. Take your saber experience to the next level with the Kyberlight Acrylic Flat Blades!

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- Hilt insert dowel is 1 inch in diameter and 2 inches in length

- Fits all Kyberlight hilts and most other hilt styles

- Blade Length (Belgian): 30.5 inches long

- Blade Length (Cutlass): 30.25 inches long

- Blade Length (Samurai): 31 inches long

- Blade Length (Viking): 29.5 inches long


- Acrylic Flat Blades are not combat capable and are not intended for dueling or combat of any kind

- Due to unique design elements, there is no warranty on this item

- Any abrupt change in direction or halting may compromise the blade just above the emitter. (At the Hilt Insert Dowel.) The customer acknowledges this design element and accepts responsibility for any breaks or fractures related to the element, regardless of circumstance or event.

- Includes Acrylic Flat Blade only (Hilt sold separately)