Return Policy

Individuals have 7 days from the date of receipt of the product to report any damage, malfunction, or other problems with items ordered to Kyberlight. The email timestamp will be used as the reference for determining if the return request was submitted in time.

Please use our Contact Us page if you discover an issue with your product upon receipt. If a refund is requested within the 7-day period, Kyberlight will refund the full amount for the product minus the shipping. Kyberlight will also pay to ship back the defective product by way of a pre-paid label (Kyberlight uses FedEx Ground to return shipments). If a customer has a product that is simply unwanted then and not defective then Kyberlight will not provide a shipping label and the customer will be responsible to ship back any unwanted items to receive a refund. If another shipping method is needed, then please send us a message using our Contact Us page.

If an issue is discovered after the 7-day period, then that issue falls under the 1-year warranty for the saber (see 1-year electronics warranty section below). If a refund is requested after the 7 days, then Kyberlight reserves the right to deny the refund or to work out a partial refund with the customer. Kyberlight will not refund the shipping on any items that are reported after the 7-day period. (In the case of a gift purchase that is defective and lies outside of the 7-day window, please contact Kyberlight using our Contact Us page to work it out.)

Lifetime Blade Warranty:

Kyberlight offers a lifetime warranty on all blade products (excluding the acrylic flat blades and neo-pixel blades). The warranty can be activated at any time in the event that the blade or its tip break during combat or otherwise. To activate this warranty simply do the following:

1. The customer will please send us a message using our Contact Us Page, with an explanation, photo, or video of the broken saber, and the original order #.

2. Kyberlight will send a replacement blade to the customer. The customer pays for the shipping of the new blade. Kyberlight will send an invoice for the shipping via our website.

3. The customer disposes of the broken blade.

Acrylic Flat Blade Warranty:

All Kyberlight Acrylic Flat Blades are not combat capable and are not intended for dueling or combat of any kind. Due to unique design elements, there is no warranty on acrylic flat blades, including but not limited to, the Dark Blade, Viking Blade, Cutlass Blade, Samurai Blade, Belgian Blade.

Any abrupt change in direction or halting may compromise the blade just above the emitter. (At the Hilt Insert Dowel.)

The customer acknowledges this design and accepts responsibility for any breaks or fractures related to the element*, regardless of circumstance or event.

*This excludes damage caused by the shipping carrier during shipping. Customer must report such damage within 24 hours of the delivery time listed on the carrier tracking information.


Pixel Blade Warranty:

Pixel Blades are not rated for dueling or combat. They come with a 1 year warranty on the LEDs inside the blade and are covered the same as other Electronics.

1-Year Electronics Warranty:

Kyberlight offers a 1-year warranty on the electronics for either a free repair or a replacement, depending on the damage to the saber. Kyberlight will evaluate each case individually and determine whether we will issue a free repair or a replacement saber. The process is as follows:

Warranty on Accessories:

There is no warranty on accessories. If an accessory is defective, please message us using our Contact Us page within 14 days of receipt to get it replaced. Kyberlight will pay the shipping on defective products reported within the 7-day period.